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  1. Senator Trillanes is making valid point about Enrile being a big and leading corrupting some all the resources of the Phillipine Goverment he has to be stepping out and strip on his position in the Senate bringing shamed and embarrashment to the country instead giving a good example in the house senate he actually taught and teach some of the new senators how to pocketed some money for their own personal interest…. Besides Enrile was to old now in the Senate House he needed to retired now and if…I vividly remembered hes been on is position now or in the goverment for 4 decades and nothing happen or anything positive change in the Philippines.

    • Pare pareho lang sila! Trillanes also committed a crime… diba nag coup d’etat din si Trillanes tapos may mga pabaon din siya nung sundalo pa siya. Treason is also a grave crime. Tapos since senador din siya may pork barrel din siya… Bakit pa siya kailangan maghugas kamay at magmalinis pati rin naman siya ganun? Bakit walang change sa Pilipinas dahil kasama siya sa patuloy na tumataas na antas ng korapsyon at katiwalian sa ating bansa.

    • Enrile is the best Player in Philippine Politics, During Japan War he sided with Japanese, During Marcos era he sided marcoses, then betrayed marcos because he has plan to be a president, but he was disappointed when Cory took the post that is why he used Honasan, to distabilized the Cory Government i remember honasan said that he will never leaved enrile. Then During Estrada he sided with Strada, when Erap ousted he sided with GMA… But now he was not able to lure Aquino that is why…. At last he never succeeded and last days of his life is a failure…..Good for HIM…

  2. ENRILE: The ambitious BUT failure person who has so many chances to run for Presidency or take post by rebellion BUT God wont permit him:)…

    This guy is one bad influence of Philippine politics and that is why his followers follow his footsteps as long as ” NO EVIDENCE”, then we can always walk free. And because they are the LAW.

    At the end of the day, Its God who will always decide. POOR ENRILE. he will just die being a Senator and once a President but President in the senate.. :)..HONESTLY? He feels envy to his follower/s who became President of the Philippines…:)

    • Not Really! he get’s millions securing his family of wealth and For Christ Sake he’s 90+ years old. We finally caught him? Enrile would say “Oh Well I’m Old Anyway”. My Family’s safe and secure with their wealth so I can die anytime.

      Panalo si ENRILE talunan nanaman ang Pilipinas. Sakit sa ulo!!!


  4. We must not beg or plead to you Pres. Aquino. We have gotten an Impostor hiding that honorable titles and Wardrobe of the Senate…Enrile must be barred from holding any official office. We appeal to you Mr.President. This man must be punished. PLEASE!!!!!!!

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