Apple Mania Returns with the Gold Rush; Cause Chaos at Launching Day

The Apple iPhone 5C
The Apple iPhone 5C

gold rush“I wish I could get excited for something like this,” a man said while commuting the Grand Central station for his morning ride to work. It was 8:00 AM. He was gawking at the frenzied scene caused by Apple fans excited to get their hands on the limited iPhone 5s Gold Model last Friday, September 20 that hounded the place packed.

This mania called the “Gold Rush” caused the heartbreak of 20-year-old Joseph Cruz, who even went beyond the usual queues by waiting for 15 freaking days at the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue, Manhattan.

Armed with a sleeping bag in one hand and a chair over his shoulder, he camped in front of the store and was even second in the line. Yet all went futile as he didn’t nab the phone of his choice, the gold iPhone.

“I’m pretty bummed out,” he said, feeling bad that he couldn’t obtain a gold iPhone, which turns out, for his mom. “But I still had a fun experience being here. After all, I can still always order it online.”

Well, that’s another bad news.

On a Friday morning, AT&T’s online store listed a shipping time of whooping 21 to 28 business days. That’s two months of waiting in vain all for the love of the newest apple offering.

According to The Wall Street Journal report, all the three varieties of the gold phone (the 16GB, 32 GB and 64 GB storage space) are already back ordered until October in the Apple Store. The company has asked to increase the production by one-third to meet the demands.

The usual implication of the phones selling out at the first day is wholly considered as a good sign in business.

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But there are claims that the  shortage on said phones was on purpose as the company’s stock dipped after they unveiled the 5s and 5c models. Especially with the backlash of the phone’s feature of fingerprint scanning, rage of protests regarding consumer’s security has circulated all over the internet.

Before their Friday launching, reports circulated that the new model has a low inventory. The scarcity of the phones is also the reason why Apple and other wireless carriers didn’t enable pre-orders.

The company did not respond to multiple queries regarding the phone’s availability.

But days before the launching, Apple also provided a free upgrade of the IOS 7 which is the main processor of the newer models, iPad and iPod Touches. Old iPhone models are geared to meet the processing designs on par with the latest ones without buying another one.

Yet despite this new feature, most buyers are still eager  to own the newest model ensuring hysteria; especially the scene at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in Manhattan which entails chaos, not just with the brimming crowd of buyers, but also with the surrounding spectators affected.

A delivery truck driver drove by the massive line, which stretched more than quarter of a mile, yelled at them several times, “Get a job!”

Reactions from netizens all over the world were quick to give their honest opinions, stating how ridiculous the gold rush was.

Some felt that the hype was overrated since it’s just the same usual iPhone with a few modifications from the iPhone 5 model, but only simmered in gold. Some shared that a lot are wasting their time over a product that will be mass-produced in just a few months.

“This is truly tragic. How much suffering can humans endure? In time of technological fascism like now, the right phone means the difference between a happy future and no future,” Ray Blodgetts, a Huffington Post user, commented.

To date, the escalating demand catapulted the production of more iPhone 5s gold phones (even the silver—called as space gray—phones) to hit the markets in the next few weeks.

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