Best Youth Film 2013 “Lilet Never Happened” Did Happen (On Child Prostitution)

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It happened; yes, it did. 

The Dutch-Filipino film “Lilet Never Happened” was  based on a true story; a young maladjusted girl named Lilet who became a well-known  child prostitute on the streets of Manila.   The story delves on her struggles to survive on the streets of Manila and her attempts to save her brother at the same time.

Adding spice to her story is the International social worker Claire who attempts to lift her from the depths she’d fallen into; however, the strong-willed misguided youngster prefers to deal with her situation through her own perception and perspective.

Despite its scandalous background, Lilet’s story is truly a touching movie; not only because it deals with a global social issue  concerning  child prostitution, but because it has hard-hitting scenes guaranteed to soften hearts  — Thanks to the brainchild and directing prowess of  Director Jacco Groen and the Springfilm Production.  It is through “Lilet” that they hope to raise awareness concerning child prostitution; of course, not only in the Philippines, but globally.

Shot on the streets of Manila, the winning film owe its recognition to the realistic performance of the whole cast;  Sandy Talag as lead role (a Filipino child actress in Philippine movies), John Arcilla (multi-awarded actor), Marife Necesito and the Dutch actress Johanna Ter Steege.

After you’ve seen the movie, you won’t wonder why it was acclaimed as 2013’s Best Youth Film at the Copenhagen International Film Festival.  Likewise, no further questions would perhaps be raised as to why it also garnered the Best Youth Film award at the Kristiansand International Youth Film Festival in Norway of the same year.  It was also granted the Audience Award  at the 16th Auburn Film Festival for Children and Young Adults which was held in Sydney, Australia. Looking back it was also awarded Best Drama Script, Social Drama category at the AOL Film Festival in Los Angeles.

More over,  ‘Lilet Never Happened’ has also been chosen for several other International Film Festivals; to name a few:

  • Moscow International Film Festival
  • Warsaw International Film Festival  in Poland
  • International Film Festival in  India
  •  Zlin Film Festival for Children and Youth  at the Czech Republic
  • Zanzibar International Film Festival in Tanzania.

In the months to come, Lilet is also expected to be shown in five other countries, namely:   Australia, Switzerland, Dubai, India and Armenia.  This film is expected to hit the screens in Manila come December.

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