Another Fake Beef Scandal In China

A Chinese meat vendor.
A Chinese meat vendor.
A Chinese meat vendor.

China – About 20,000 kilograms of  ‘fake beef’ have been confiscated from a factory in Shaanxi province, Northwest China. The said ‘beef’ is in fact pork meat, but manufactured with chemicals such as paraffin wax and other additives to make it look like real beef.

According to Want China Times, an English News Website in Taiwan, between 1,500- 2,000 kilograms of this meat have been produced and sold in the town market for 25-33 Yuan ($5.10 – $6.70) per kilo.

Chinese police also said that the perpetrators did the processing of the pork meat at night and sold it as bargain beef the following day.

There is definite concern as in the town of Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi,  has a huge Muslim community, and many might have consumed non-halal food unintentionally.

The pork factory operation, along with six other meat workshops have already been shut down following discovery by police of  the alleged intentional public deception, seizing loads of meat as evidence.

This is not the first time that China has come to light regarding meat-related fraud.  In early February this year, a number of factories were shut down by officials when it was discovered that they were manipulating duck meat to look like beef and mutton, and selling them as such.

Additionally in May this year, 904 people were arrested for the same offense.  In these arrests, officials took into custody 22 fake products after learning that they were contaminated with extremely high levels of E.Coli. bacteria.  Among the worst cases recorded, the perpetrators sold 10 million Yuan ($2.04 million) worth of rat meat sold as mutton, and fox and mink meat made with gelatin, carmine, and nitrate, at the Jiangsu and Shanghai farmers’ market.




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