Hannah Montana No More

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(Photo Credit: globalgrind)

Hannah Montana had been over for quite some time now and the actress playing the role had long shed off her sweet and innocent image.

Yes, talking about THE Miley Cyrus. 

Over the years, this young lady never ceased to cause clamor among netizens and the rest of the world.  People knew her as Hannah Montana, the young teen sensation, but the Miley Cyrus now is so different from the child actress people adored several years ago.

From her over-the-edge look (the punky hairstyles, the daring clothes) up to her recent performances, THE Miley Cyrus we see now is really a far cry from her Hannah Montana days.

The public still haven’t forgotten about her daring and explicit performance with Robin Thicke at the 2013 Video Music Awards wherein Miley sported a skin tone outfit  while doing the “twerk”and acting seductively while singing Blurred Lines along with Robin Thicke.

The performance roused a lot of reactions from fans and celebrities alike.  While others had been supportive and cheered her on, a lot of people were greatly disappointed since Miley is one of the more popular celebrities who have lots of young followers, and she is expected to become a good example.

And just a few days after that eyebrow-raisinatperformance, she released her new music video Wrecking Ball.  And again, it caused quite an uproar.  For those of you who still haven’t seen it, go and check  it out at Youtube and see for yourselves why Miley Cyrus is once again the center of attention (and uproar?)

miley bold

Others say that she’s just lost.  Some exclaim she’s disturbed.  A number says  it’s her way of telling the world that she’s all grown up.  Whatever it is, let’s just hope that this young lady won’t lose herself and the realization of who she is.

And just like the rest of the world, can’t help but ask, “Miss Miley Cyrus, what’s next?”



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