It Is Not A Demolition Job

(Photo Credit: ecowastecoalition.blogspot.)
(Photo Credit:  ecowastecoalition.blogspot.)
(Photo Credit: ecowastecoalition.blogspot.)

Almost immediately after the pork barrel controversy hit the news, and our collective consciousness, Sen. Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla Jr. having been named as one of those allegedly involved, was quick and the very first  to deny the allegation and dismiss it instead as part of an early demolition job by Malacanang against the 2016 hopefuls including him.

Among those identified by a series of news articles, COA audit reports and successive revelations by whistle blowers regarding the monstrous corruption , besides Revilla were Juan Ponce-Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, Bongbong Marcos and Gringo Honasan.

Almost these same names would crop up every now and then as the pork barrel saga unfolds before us, revealing a much more intricate web of corruption as it goes deeper and farther back, with Revilla, Estrada and Enrile consistently topping the list of lawmakers who poured millions of pesos from their PDAF into Janet Napoles ‘ monkey business.

Revilla and Estrada however continues to deny the corruption charges and their association with Napoles’ bogus NGOs; often strenuously reiterating their innocence of any misconduct or misuse of public funds – the millions of pesos that find its way from their  pork barrel, filtered through Napoles, then back to their own pockets .

In the course of their intermittent protestations, they, too, are consistent in accusing the administration of orchestrating, or at least exploiting, the controversy to spoil their chances of being elected to a higher position in 2016, setting their sights of course on the presidency.

But is this conspiracy theory they cooked up genuinely palatable?

Do we really have to believe that the palace is behind all these just to make sure that the king’s throne is inherited by  one of the president’s choice  or political party? Would the President really go to such extent?

I really don’t buy it. In fact, Malacanang appears more disturbed after the scam was exposed though we may have failed to notice it because we are all busy clobbering the more hatable suspect – Janet Napoles.

The anxiety on the face of Malacanang Palace became more discerning when the names of Ochoa, and even of Mar Roxas, to some extent, was dragged into the quagmire. This was downplayed several times by the palace’s spin doctors, even accusing the opposition of combining rumors with  political witch hunt.  There is an obvious struggle to disassociate the president from the pork barrel queen. The photos of the PNoy with Jeanne Napoles, and later on with Janet herself, that surfaced on social media a few days before didn’t help much in the attempt though.

Now, where are we getting?

Let me further qualify why Revilla and Estrada’s claim is shallow and does not hold water; almost whimsical.

First, who does consider these two wannabes as presidential timbers except themselves? They may have topped senatorial elections in previous years, but it doesn’t make them any closer to Malacanang than they may have imagined. They may appear popular being movie actors, but they will certainly face a formidable opponent, one whose right leg is already  walking through the corridors of the palace – the incumbent Vice President. And if I were the President, in order to save the seat to my favored heir, the very first person I will shove away, as far as I could, is the person sitting right next to me; one who is only a heartbeat away from the presidency and not these two comics who suffers from delusions of grandeur.

Besides the president  is in his last three years of tenure. The last thing he needs now is a scandal of this magnitude that will surely undermine his ‘tuwid na daan’ legacy or whatever’s left of it, even before he steps down.

Having said that, presently, if Revilla and Estrada believes that someone is out there to destroy them by using Janet Napoles, certainly it is not Malacanang , although they would be very happy to do that.

The exposure of the pork barrel scam is not a demolition job towards Revilla, Estrada or even Marcos.  It was meant to happen. It is providential. It is deserved.

It was a can of worms waiting to be opened. It was a skeleton in their closets waiting to be found.

Of what’s to come upon them as a consequence, they  can’t shoot  the President  nor Janet Napoles. Not even Benhur Luy for crying out loud.

Because there is something they have forgotten to acknowledge.

We call it KARMA , and it is out there to make them pay.


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