Jeane Napoles: Princess of Thieves?

When the pork barrel scam came to light, a lot of names appeared, including that of the infamous fashion blogger, Jeane Napoles – no less than the youngest daughter of retired Marine Maj. Jimmy Napoles and Janet Lim-Napoles.  She may not have a direct role in the scam but has clearly benefited from the alleged thieving orchestrated by her mom.

Jeane is no stranger to the lavish lifestyle of the rich and famous.  Up until the news of her mother’s involvement in the scam broke out, she regularly posted photos of expensive designer items, lavish parties, and international trips.  There were also a number of pictures taken with celebrities and famous personalities!

She did remove her recently updated social media accounts but an old tumblr blog (everyone thinks she’s forgotten the password or it would have been deleted as well), last updated in 2011, fed netizens with evidence of her ritzy escapades.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

In the case of Jeane Napoles, it could be reworded as “a picture paints a million pesos”.  While millions of people in the Philippines live far below the poverty line, this princess is proud to flaunt her collection of designer bags, shoes, and clothes worth millions of pesos in OOTD fashion.  The value of any one of her bags could feed thousands of people.


It appears that her ritzy lifestyle doesn’t stop at buying expensive outfits but also extends to partying in Hollywood and brushing elbows with famous celebrities.  Attending movie premieres and music awards fill her social calendar.

A video of her lavish 21st birthday was uploaded on YouTube.  It even featured a fashion show, music and dancing, overflowing wine and food, and what appears to be people delivering birthday greetings.

Friends in High Places

Right now, the public is most interested in her pictures with the local politicians, taking these as “proof” that these scheming people are working together to steal from the country’s coffers.  The social media got into frenzy when photos emerged of Jeane Napoles and former President Erap Estrada.
Within days, one of her and President Noynoy Aquino surfaced.

The two men claimed that the pictures don’t mean a thing – they don’t even know her!  That might have a grain of truth considering that a lot of people would want to have their photos taken with famous people like presidents.  But in the light of the scam and the many bigwig politicians involved, the photos did appear somewhat incriminating.

Ritzy Homes in Los Angeles

The Ritz-Carlton in Los Angeles is a luxurious 5-star hotel with residence apartments offered from the 27th to the 52nd floor.  According to an article in Rappler, Jeane Napoles is listed as owner of apartment unit 37I, estimated to be worth almost $2M or a whooping 80M pesos!  The famous landmark is known to be home to several famous public figures and Hollywood celebrities.  Jeane probably met a handful of them during her stay while studying at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM).
She’s also made a home in TenTen Wilshire.  This luxury residence might not be as famous as The Ritz but it certainly is glamorous and expensive on its own.  She boasts of a penthouse apartment – and we all know that penthouses are more expensive!

Expensive Cars for a Princess

Janet Lim-Napoles readily admits to pampering her children with expensive gifts.  After all, if you have it, then flaunt it, right?  So, she gave Jeane not one but two Porsches!  The 2012 Porsche Boxster is estimated to be at least P2M while the 2008 Porsche Cayenne can be as high as P1.8M.

She also claims that it is their right to flaunt their wealth because they earned the money from the various legitimate businesses they have, with nothing coming from the government’s coffers.

Does Jeane have the right to flaunt her ritzy lifestyle when this is allegedly paid for by money that should have gone to the poor people of the Philippines?  Certainly not!  Whether the family, specifically her mom, gets convicted of stealing remains to be seen.  They’ve got friends in high places, after all.  If convicted, we could definitely say that Jeane Napoles is the Princess of Thieves!


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