Sarah Palin: Hillary Clinton Does Not Have What It Takes to Be President

Palin vs Hillary 2016? Photo via Soda Head

Speculations about a possible Hillary Clinton bid to be the first woman President of the United States in 2016 continue to reverberate with Former First Lady and Secretary of State’s cover story in the New York Magazine.

Asked if she was thinking about running for President in 2016, Hillary said, “I do, but I’m both pragmatic and realistic. I will just continue to weigh what the factors are that would influence me making a decision one way or the other.”

Despite Hillary Clinton’s high approval rating and frontrunner status among possible Democratic Presidential candidates for the 2016 Presidential Elections, there are still those who do not believe in her winnability to win the Democratic nomination and the presidential race.

Among them is Former Alaska governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. On Fox News Channel where she is a contributor, Palin said Hillary Clinton does not have what it takes to be a serious presidential candidate.

Palin said that Clinton would not be right for the role of commander in chief, after four Americans died in a terror attack at the US consulate in Benghazi last year under her watch as Secretary of State.

Palin vs Hillary 2016? Photo via Soda Head
Palin vs Hillary 2016? Photo via Soda Head

Although Clinton already took responsibility for the Benghazi attack, Palin said lack of security at the US consulate in Benghazi and the terror attack on 9/11 last year are poised  to be a major issue for Clinton, if she decides to run for president.

House democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, however, said Clinton will win if she decides to run.

“She is by her experience as a senator as a secretary of state, as a first lady herself, participating the way she did,” enthused Pelosi. “Certainly, with all due respect to our president, I think he is magnificent and wonderful and a blessing to us,but certainly more prepared than President Obama, certainly more prepared than President Bush, certainly more prepared than President Clinton.”

Clinton’s popularity surpasses all Republican candidates  who have been open about their presidential ambitions. This is why many Conservatives and TeaParty Republicans have been clamoring for Sarah Palin to run for President in 2016 to defeat Clinton and avert another term of Democratic leadership in the White House.


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