US Against Pork Coalition: Drilon Should Resign as Senate President

Los Angeles, CA — The United States Against PDAF or Pork Barrel System (USAP) Coalition on Wednesday asks for the resignation of  Sen. Franklin Drilon as Senate President, following his decision to defer to the Ombudsman the Senate power to investigate its own peers. They contend that Drilon’s “deference to the Ombudsman is a backward step against justice”.

In a press statement dated September 25, USAP said, “As Senate President, he should resign. He is blocking the Senate investigation under the guise of legal niceties of depending his decision on the advise of the Ombudsman. He should be ashamed of himself.  He must serve the national interest of our people and our nation”.

drilonUSAP posted the question to Drilon: Did you change your mind because plunder charges were filed against you? You and those involved in the pork barrel national scandal were entrusted by our people with the power to govern. This trust was betrayed . You should encourage the investigation, not find a way to impede it, [and] hide under the cloak of the OMBUDSMAN.

“We ask again, why don’t you [Drilon] convene the Senate Ethics Committee and initiate the filing of the complaint of your colleagues involved? Members of the Senate, including you, are not above the law.”

USAP further states:

The Senate has the inherent power to discipline its members: either by suspension, and/or expulsion, as the case maybe. Let the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee do its job,  and subsequently work with the convened Senate Ethics Committee.

We again reiterate our stand:  No one is above the law. President Aquino and all those in authority must resolve these issues within the next 100 days [when] valid complaint and charges are filed with the Sandiganbayan.

USAP September 21 Protest. Photo credit: Rick Gavino
USAP September 21 Protest. Photo credit: Rick Gavino

The Sandiganbayan must suspend those with charges for plunder, arrest them… and trial must be done expeditiously.

This is becoming another soap opera. Now the President and even Congress [are] asking the SC to lift the TRO [to disburse remaining PDAF funds in 2013] , and to throw the Petitions to declare the pork barrel system unconstitutional.

If Congress, the Ombudsman, Sandiganbayan will not do [their] job, then these corrupt officials must be removed by Peoples Power. That is the highest form of democracy. And let them be ready for this mass actions after [the]100 days that we have given them.”



  1. No accountability from him. I first met the man when he traveled to Africa, what a pompous ass who patronizes and condescends to those contract workers who were asking him for help given the corruption applied to OFWs etc….. he just shrugged.

  2. Si PNoy, lukewarm ang supporta at pakikitungo nya sa imbestigasyon kasi isa rin sya sa nakikinabang dito sa bilyong-bilyon piso na pondo, hindi pa dyan kasali yong pondo na nakukuha nya sa PAGCOR at Malampaya na sya lang ang may diskresyon sa paggamit at pagwaldas (walang COA Audit). Kung ang mga pondong ito ay pimambili nalang natin ng mga modernong kagamitan para ating Sandatahang Lakas (barkong pandigma, top of the line jet fighters/bombers…etc…) di sin sanay ang China ay magdadalawang isip na angkinin ang mga isla na sakop ng teritoryo ng Pinas. I will strongly support for another People Power (if this is the last option) kung walang aksyon ang kasalukayang gobyerno natin para mapanagot ang mga tiwaling opisyales (senator/congressman) sa lantarang pagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan.

  3. I firmly believe this is the right thing to do, instead of seeking Napoles testimony. True that the whistle blowers and the ombudsman’s testimonies may not be enough. Something is missing, the investigation of their own peers. Better start with the majority floor leader of the House of Representatives….. Let’s call it a challenge for those who deserves a seat in the legislative branch of government or else, perhaps, shut down these two groups.

  4. The Senate cannot investigate their own kind because all of them are guilty and no one will believe them,the ethics committe might as well call it the vultures committee, If there is any scintilla of credibility it was been destroyed already by their arrogance and lack of empathy to the whole populace..I’m not depending Drilon in any way but the whole institution is broken and no one trust the Philippine Senate for their disgraceful act..

    • Correct. That would be conflict of interest on their part; the accused cannot conduct the investigation against himself, their judgment is considered partial. What we need is a purge of the entire government and a tighter qualifications for aspiring public servants, and stricter measures of check and balances.

    • I think US Against Pork Coalition is a group, and I am assuming that they are composed of Filipino-Americans. If so then they have a say in the issue just like anybody who has Pinoy blood running in their veins.

    • If you’re referring to the country, the answer is NO….but if you’re referring to the Filipinos living in the US, the answer is YES; parang 1 plus 1 equals 2 lang yung tanong mo di mo pa masagot…kaw talaga…

  5. I dont think drilon would. Remember it was also drilon who got angry demanded that us immigration not let him take off his shoe during a routine inspection at a US airport citing he is a senator of the phils. Arrogance at its highest. He should also explain how was he able to own a P200m house in forbes under her daughter’s name

  6. If it would be for the improvement in eradicating the government of theives, why not.
    And about america, you should have a movement also to IMPEACH obama because of his putting the lives of americans in danger on how he is handling this islamic controversies in syria kenya and other parts of the world.

  7. Paging new senator like Grace Poe. May tapang ka ba at kaya m maging senate president. Syempre bago ka at wala pang bahid na maibabato sa yo. Kaya mo ba ipakulong ang mga suspected plunderers?

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