Volunteer and Earn US$18,000 in 70 Days at NASA (There’s a Catch)

astronautDo you find yourself lazy sometimes that you’d rather stay in bed? If so, then NASA may have a mission for you.

There is a study by NASA that requires volunteers to lie in bed that is tilted 6 degrees downward continuously for seventy consecutive days.

This study is meant to test the conditions that future astronauts might encounter during space travel. NASA is hoping that through the study, it might be able to document the physical changes that occur in the human body, and how much function is needed for a human to perform some required tasks.

Since space has zero gravity, astronauts don’t exert much physical effort, creating potential problems physically.

NASA’s researchers will require volunteers to stay on a 6-degree tilt, which will allow body fluids to flow towards the upper body, so researchers can also study cardiovascular issues that may be experienced during a long space expedition.

The ‘job’ pays US$1,200 a week, and may last up to 15 weeks. However, NASA will be selective in the process. They are looking for people who are in shape, non-smoker and healthy physical condition. They will also be required to pass the Modified Air Force Class III physical.

To learn more about the study, visit the official NASA bed rest studies website.


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