Zac Efron Dabbles with Drugs, Enjoys Sobriety

Zac Effron

Zac EffronZac Efron just kissed his squeaky clean image a sorrowful “adios” as he recently finished a stint in rehab five months ago. Yes, you read that right.

Following suit from troubled young stars such as Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes, Efron submitted himself to “seek outside help” for his on-going wars with debilitating drugs like Cocaine and abusing alcohol.

Reports also said that the 25-year-old actor is “dancing with Molly” (just like what Miley Cyrus sang in her “We Can’t Stop” hit), a pure form of ecstasy usually used in parties.

Sources say that “Zacquisha” as fondly nicknamed by media, has been spiraling out of control during the filming of Seth Rogen’s Neighbors. He was a no-show for a few days during production of the movie.

Fans of Efron were shocked to found out that the superstar bites the dust yet again with drugs. Though some have anticipated that this scenario will pop-out, a lot are still surprised because the actor wasn’t active in the party scene.

“I can’t help but feel a bit sad for him. He always wanted to present such a clean cut image to his really young fans that saw him as Troy Bolton. But Zac was never Troy Bolton. So sad, but seems to be fairly typical in Hollywood.”  Leslie, a commenter from an online forum said.

Efron who has a relatively-strong yet underrated career after post-HSM era, recently had attended the Toronto Film Festival Premiere of Parkland last September 5. He played a real-life Parkland Memorial Hospital Doctor Jim Carrico, who was known in trying to save John F. Kennedy when he was shot, a historical event that shocked the whole world.

Reps said that he was in “his best behavior” during the event. His fans are relieved though that despite this devastating news, Efron is now “happy and in a good place” said by his representatives.

After all, he had already finished his rehabilitation even before we found out that he was actually battling over drugs. And unlike other stars, he has faced his situation without denial.

That’s pretty commendable compared to the turmoil that hounded other celebrities that gripped the attention of a lot of netizens. But for now, all we can do is to pray for this young star’s recovery while we gallantly salivate over his perfectly chiseled-abs.


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