FB User Gets Flak After Derogatory Remarks on Megan Young, Filipinos

“Miss Philippines is Miss World? What a joke! I did not know those maids have anything else in them Ha Ha Ha.”

A  certain Devina Dediva from Singapore, allegedly posted this comment in her Facebook profile.   Now, Filipino netizens, in retaliation created their own page as a campaign against the woman. The description of the page said, “Never, even a single Filipino, deserved to be looked down… This page is for all the people who are victims of discrimination and racism.”

Dediva’s Facebook status drew a lot of disagreeing comments from people all over the social networking site, but she continued criticizing Megan Young and Filipinos regardless. “Those of you who wrote negatively to my comment, I got one question — who are you to stop my words when the world is democratic in freedom of speech?” she wrote.

They are poor, smelly from cleaning toilets and uneducated,” she replied when someone commented that Filipinos are ‘cute, humble and honest’. “They are less privileged everywhere, what a joke those people cleaning our toilets won Miss World!” Dediva added.

Maids are not to be looked upon. They are mostly filthy maids and will be only of that status. End of story,” she concluded when someone commented that she should not look down upon others.

The Facebook  page against Dediva has gathered almost 9000 likes as of today, many of whom are demanding and apology.  So far, as of the writing of this article, none has been made.




  1. she’s crazy. Well those words coming from someone who doesn’t even know what she is talking about. I think she is only telling that to herself not to Filipinos…

  2. These kind of racist remarks will definitely keep on coming and won’t stop at any time. We shouldn’t waste our time focusing to this person as there are lots of people who will still persist on expressing their racist remarks, regardless if it’s here in the internet or not.

    It’s also easy to ignore things like this.

  3. is that her???..she even look filthier than me…ouch…hey you remember???even the singaporean lawyer got lost to a filipino in aPPrentice Asia????….so maybe you just couldn’t accept it coz you’ve got great envy about us because we are beautiful and hardworking people….and by the way im a helper ..and i smell better than you..I bet hahahahaha…

  4. You know devina. Your are beautiful but the inside is very ugly.

    So sad your meaning for your name is devine or heavenly, bet you should change to other name than devina

    • Well, we won’t ever know what she’s feeling because we’re not stupid enough to be in the same boat as her. Never will I wear her shoes because I value my own life. She messed with the wrong people.

  5. Yes some Pilipina work as domestic helper,maid, nanny in other country to support their family ..they work very hard to earn …and not to depend on government allowance ,benefit..this is a decent job…Devina you are an arsehole ..a mentaly ill and disturbed person,and for sure you are not happy in your life..you want to be popular but it can not coz of your evil mentality..i wish u a miserable life that u deserve….and BTW YOU LOOK LIKE A WITCHCRAFT DOLL! LOL

      • Kindly check your blood pressure Bernard Bodiao. Masyadong highblood, wag na kaseng patulan yan e. so 1 person opinion really overshadow several good ones?

    • tama k ndi dpt ptulan….pero kung ikw o nanay mo ang naging isang maid d2 o s ibng bansa, tulad ko, n nilahat nya n halos ng mga filipino….tatahimik k n lng b?

  6. Devina Dediva must be so sore and bitter putting down all Pinays just because one Megan Young won the Miss World tilt–and her bet probably relegated in the company of the “clap-clap ladies.” Your time will come, hija, fungus-faced as you are. Perhaps when all those great looking Pinays get tired of joining beauty contests.

  7. We are not sure if the picture is really Devilna and if she really is a native or Singapore. Baka bumbay lang yan na ninirahan sa Singapore kasi millions yan jan na tira-tira pa dahil naging British colony din ang Singapore. Or baka pinay o pinoy din yan na naghahanap ng atensyon. Pero ganun pa man, ramdam natin na kinakain ng inggit ang budhi nya. Sana magkakanser sya. Ipagdasal natin yan. Maniwala kayo pag masama ang tao magkakatotoo ang dasal nyo laban sa kanya. Proven na yan.

    • Wag po natin sana isama ang Diyos sa mga masasamang bagay na atin iniisip, alam ko po na masama po yung nasabi niya, pero di po tama din na ipagdasal ang ikakasama niya, kasi kung ganun din pala, ano pa ikinaiba mo sa kanya. Sana po atin na lang po hayaan siyang magcomments ng ganun, para malaman ng buong mundo kung anong klaseng mga tao ang nasa singapore.


  9. The bad thing is she looked down on us just because some of our women are working in Singapore as domestic helpers or most probably because her family has one. Unfortunately, she had forgotten that some of their women ( Indian, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan ) are also working as maids in Singapore. I can certify that as I once had an Indian maid cleaning my toilet.

  10. To start with, I don’t think we as Filipinos should even bother too much with what she’s saying. She’s just a HATER, for Christ’s sake. If she’s saying “we don’t deserve to win”, then she’s mocking the JUDGES, BIG TIME, because they’re the ones who CHOSE her to win.

  11. I think devina was obsess on an evil and he’s truly face was like demon?girly chick out you’re words think a hundred times or else we never stop to say more than this words believe me!

  12. Devina, its ok for me, if youre going to say that im filthy, coz im sure I can diz you back… but the Philippines? youre talking to millions… and hey those maids that you’re referring about, are heroes in our country… can you consider yourself a hero… maybe a “ZERO”

  13. haha my people, don’t get so upset of this hating comments about the miss world, some people are just hating because they are jealous or just want attention. let them trash talk! that’s all they can do anyway. its up to you if you take it seriously. if i were you i’d just laugh about it because you can pretty much tell that this person is so jealous about the Philippines winning it.

  14. The idiot got the attention she wanted and craved for because a bunch of Filipinos bothered to “react” to such a statement which clearly came from an uneducated dumbass. I never thought I’d live to see the day when FB status messages and comments of NOBODYS become news articles now. Tsk
    How far we have fallen.

    • In the same sense, we are actually on the same page. But also in the same sense, some is willing to take the fall just to take actions and that would be a big deal. Apparently today, that is the headlines

        • Ooowww yes, maybe you’re right. Let me just rephrase it. you’re the NOBODY. and she’s the RACIST. SATISFIED Miss FEELING brainee? Okay. that’s all. end of the topic. i’m not interested to a NOBODY who’s life is just wasted to eat, drink and sleep plus work as a bonus, being pessimist and doesn’t care about the Philippine’s pride. That’s what all we got, Ms. Nobody. So the world must know to respect us as well as we respect them.I maybe a nobody like you but the difference is i care. Like I’ve said, not interested on YOU so i’ll drop this conversation, don’t bother to reply just save your energy to eat, drink and sleep plus work if there’s any. aight? i can’t blame you being a pessimist because most of the people like you are actually the one’s who end up as nobody. so… just keep it up!

          • Wow! Going to ad homs when they can’t prove their point validly or won’t admit they had made an error in judgment and word usage. Using big words that you clearly do not understand. Well fellow NOBODY toddles. haha

    • her racist comment struck a nerve. even if Filipinos will keep their mouth shut, this article can be viewed in a world wide web.1 click, 1 Filipino showing it to a friend or colleague can elicit reaction anywhere around the world. nobody tolerates racism, sadly, some people unknowingly are just like her with the words they use to hit her back.

  15. I was a maid in Singapore for 3 struggling years, raising 3 of my boss children. Yes it is a job that rich people look down too. Nothing to be mad about Devina’s comment, that’s what her brain is capable of reaching. I am sure that she loves to wear diamond and gold.Those are all found in filthy dirt. Just like what she said that we are filthy, that’s how you know that we Filipinos have a GOLDEN HEART and a smile that shines like DIAMONDS. Congratulation Miss World!!!! Go Philippines!!!!

  16. Yes I am proud to be a Filipino! I am filthy and dirty name it… and that’s me! But, where I am now? I am taking my Doctorate in Sociology here in University of Alberta and travel around North America because of those filthy, dirty and rubbish things that I have to clean in order for me to finance my studies and my personal needs. I am proud with that! Uneducated? Filipinos here in Canada even they are nannies or maids they have a college degree. If I will die and be born again I still choose being a Filipino.

  17. she really really must say sorry sa mga pilipino and dapat bigyan ng punishment of 100 billion pesos to be paid in the philippines from their country kapalit ng pag pugot ng ulo nya lol sya ang tipo ng babae na dapat ibigay ng government natin sa mga abusayaf at mnlf para ipatubos sa india haha! di man mapunta ang pera sa government ng pinas na puro corrupt, at least sa mga abusayaf o mnlf na lang nabusog pa kapwa. ang maganda lang dun, hindi galing sa bulsa ng mga pilipino hahahah

  18. This smelly vindaloo queen (Devina Dediva) is nothing but a wriggling worm of the earth. There is no need to sweet talk her about her idiotic comments and mindset because she does not understand the meaning of humbleness and dignity. What she needs is a big strike in the mouth until all her teeth flies out – that’s the only way to deal with people like her.

  19. Mga Pilipino kapag sila ang sinabihan ng negative, parang atomic bomb pag magalit pero kapag Sila ang nang-asar ng kapwa, parang wala ng bukas. Pabayaan nyo na yang tao na yan, Mas maraming mahahalagang bagay sa mundo na mas importanteng gawin kaysa makipag-away pa sa isang tao lang. Move on. Ignore her.


  21. Megan Young’s bio- Young was born in Alexandria, Virginia to a Filipino mother and American father.[10][11][12] She moved to Olongapo City, Philippines at age ten. She finished secondary education in Regional Science High School III in Subic Bay Freeport Zone and is currently taking a major in Digital Film Making at the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.
    How is this Dediva person going to compete with this status? Filipinos are educated and hard workers that is why there are many who are jealous. Thank you to Dediva for the rude racial remarks toward the Filipino race. We just showed her how competitive, confident, brave, educated and popular our Filipino people are. Our country may be poor but our individuality and dignity say so much more.

  22. yes, this is beyond opinion entitlement nor freedom of speech… it is beyond cruelty, so those of us that are educated or less educated & have good values instilled in us, shall not/should not stoop to her level of rudeness, disgrace, stupidity, ignorance, disgrace, having a filthy mouth, rotten hearts and mind. she obviously has no clue the meaning of beauty pageant. i am a proud pinay! will just pray for her.

  23. guys si devina lang ang my kasalanan dito wag na natin idamay ang lahi nya na tulad nang ginawa nya magiging tayo din sya …to devina gurl look at the mirror okay dear????

  24. Megan Young deserve the Miss world tittle and to miss Devina Dediva your action was already been answered by Miss World 2013.

    “I treasure a core value of humanity and that guides people why they
    act the way they do. I will use this to show other people how they can
    understand each other… as one, we can help society.”

    In this belief of her., she’s not only winning the crown but also show on how she educatedly and broad mindedly can understand each and everyone.,So miss Devina Dediva who are you to question why she won the crown and who are you to humiliate and criticize us filipino., how pity you are.,you don’t even gain a supporter…hahahaha how kawawa you are…mal educada..hahahah

  25. To Devina:. Here in the Philippines we have a lot of Filipino Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Engineers, Dentists, talented ladies who are born-singers and BeautyQueens with a Professional Background….Most of us who go out of the country works as Nurses, Flight Attendants, Tutors, Supervisors, Dental Assistants, Caregivers ,Teachers, Managers, etcetera….We are able to buy our things and properties from hard earned money and honest jobs. Most drive their own cars which were payed in full and on cash basis so you see not all are poor , maybe down-to-earth can be the right word…True some of my countrymen who are less fortunate leave the country to work as maids but just so they can help their parents or so that they can afford to pay for their children’s education. ..Complaining has never been part of their vocabulary….You, however need to go back to school, study more about Culture, Economics cos it seems that you are not aware that there are so many poor people in India and starvation happens everywhere in that country. Even if you yourself are not form India anymore we’re pretty sure that you still have relatives there because that is where your ancestors come from. Aside from that, maybe you should read about Personality Improvement. Good luck to you, I hope you get a good job but hopefully not as an Assistant Teacher anymore cos what then will your students learn from you?

  26. Never argue stupid people like DEDIVA, she will just drag us down to her level and beat us with experience. down go down to her level of attitude. dapat my GMRC subject sa kanila.

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