Child Prostitute “Snow White” Wins at the Oaxaca International Film Festival

snow w“Snow White”  is the epitome of  happiness; as perceived  by the young girl named Lilet.   It was her escape from the miserable life she was born in.   It became her refuge.  It became her.

Snow White  struggled to survive on the streets of Manila after being pushed by her mother into prostitution.  She led a life filled with drama, fear, confusion, hatred, and suspense.  It was a very onerous existence for a young girl; likewise, a very difficult role to play if you want to do justice to the character Lilet, a.k.a. Snow White in the film “Lilet Never happened.

She did it so well.

The Filipino child actress Sandy Talag, who played the lead role of Snow White, did it so well that  she won an Outstanding Achievement in Acting award at the Oaxaca International Film Festival just last September 29 of this year.  Credit is also due  to the brainchild of the story and the directing prowess of  Dutch Director Jacco Groen.   To think that it’s her first lead role in a film, she must have worked really, really hard to portray something she had no idea of.    She truly deserves a hats off!

Prior to Sandy Talag’s acting award, the film “Lilet Never happened” was also acclaimed as 2013’s Best Youth Film at the Copenhagen International Film Festival.  Likewise, no further questions would perhaps be raised as to why it also garnered the Best Youth Film award at the Kristiansand International Youth Film Festival in Norway of the same year.  It was also granted the Audience Award  at the 16th Auburn Film Festival for Children and Young Adults which was held in Sydney, Australia, and was also chosen as Best Drama Script, Social Drama category at the AOL Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Shot on the streets of Manila, the winning film owe its recognition to the realistic performance of the whole cast, of course;  with  Sandy Talag as lead role (she is a Filipino child actress in Philippine movies), John Arcilla (multi-awarded actor), Marife Necesito and the Dutch actress Johanna Ter Steege.

Background of the Story

The Dutch-Filipino film “Lilet Never Happened” is  based on a true story; a young maladjusted girl named Lilet who became a well-known  child prostitute on the streets of Manila.   The story delves on her struggles to survive on the streets, and her attempts to save her brother at the same time.

An International social worker named Claire  attempts to pull her out of her misfortunes, but the strong-willed and yet misguided young girl always chose to deal with her predicament through her own view of survival.

Lilet’s story is truly a touching movie; not just because it deals with a contemporary social problem concerning  children and child prostitution; not just because it has hard-piercing scenes guaranteed to attack the emotions  —  but also because of the astounding performance of  Sandy Talag’s character, Snow White/Lilet.

Now, more than a fairy tale,  Snow White has become a ‘Best Actress.’

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Lilet Never Happened has been shown in more than 20 countries.  This film is expected to hit the screens in Manila in December.

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