Philippine Personalities Speak Up Against Megan Young’s Detractors

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Back off, Megan Young detractors;  Philippine beauties to the rescue.

Online haters and detractors can’t be stopped it seems; even the lovely, newly-crowned Miss World 2013 Megan Young could not escape criticism on the net.

One such hater on Facebook, Devina Dediva,  earned public ire, when she openly insulted Miss Young, and Filipinos on her profile:

 “Miss Philippines is Miss World? What a joke? I didn’t know those maids have anything else in them. Hahaha.”

“What a joke, those people cleaning our toilets won miss world.”

Several meme photos and hate pages has since appeared on the Facebook site;  with at least one page, “Filipinos Unite to Demand Apology from Devina Sharma Dediva”, demanding a public apology.

Luckily for Miss Young However, a set of extra-ordinary folks coming to her defense is a good thing to have.

Several former beauty title winners in the history of the Philippines, as well as Miss World Philippines officials, expressed their sentiments and discourse with regards to attacks on Miss Young, and Filipino women in general.   The derogatory remarks raised eyebrows and outrage, and understandably, a number of these former beauty queens and personalities were not able to control themselves by such a display:

“Seems the Philippines has become a powerhouse (in the pageant scene). Lots of people are getting envious. Sad about the personal attacks, but we are a country of beautiful people.”  –  Jennifer Cortes, Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 1978

“What’s wrong with being a maid? Is that a crime?”  –   Gemma Cruz-Araneta, Miss International 1964

“To all her detractors, bless your hearts. That’s all I can say. I am proud of and grateful for Megan’s simplicity and golden heart.”  –  Melanie Marquez, Miss International 1979

“I have nothing to say (to those critics). Let Megan show the world how great she is as a Filipino woman. Meanwhile, let’s all do our best to uplift our country by giving nobility to our jobs…wherever we are. This is a call for everyone to step up and show the world that we are kind, God-fearing people.”  –  Miriam Quiambao, Miss Universe first runnerup 1999

“They are just sore losers. We shouldn’t waste our time on them. Let us enjoy Megan’s victory and ignore those who do not wish to celebrate with us.”  –  Bessie Badilla , Fashion model and Miss Visayas-RP 1976



  1. Devina Dediva is surely sick and wanting attention. Let us just ignore her and not give her what she wants. That is the best way to deal with her.

  2. she just admitted how LOSERs they are. the person who you are referring to as MAID just defeated your country in Ms. World 2013 Pageant. Try to be a maid yourself, maybe you’ll have a change of heart and perception and win Ms. UNIVERSE. 😉

  3. First and foremost, everyone – let’s not stereotype all Indians. Besides, even her other friends reprimanded her on the spot. I have Indian friends and they didn’t want what Devina did. Yung ibang nakikita kong rants, patama sa lahat ng mga Bumbay, which I think is off na. Si Devina lang may atraso satin, wag nang idamay yung iba.

    I saw one of her posts that she doesn’t want to apologize. It’s very obvious that Devina is very arrogant and very proud. Most likely front nia yan – sa itsura niang yan, for sure sobrang insecure nian.

    In time she’ll have her karma.

  4. when we demand apology from her it’s a corrective action and its good, let’s also look at the cause, so we won’t just always request for apology everytime someone out there criticise our own race like this

  5. if she is a maid, therefore, even a maid from the Philippines bested all the so called beauties of the world. how much more for the other? they must be very scared and insecure of other Filipino maid contestants from now on! just watch out.

  6. Filipinos are the best workers, they should be thankful that the best workers clean their toilets because if not they probably have died of v…..l/anal infections…………..

  7. Let us not be too emotional in reacting to a woman who obviously does not think before she opens her mouth and that speaks of her true character. Although, the Philippines does not belong to rich countries in the world, Filipinos have many things to be proud of, namely; our values in relation to our fellow men, education, work and as spiritual beings. Why are filipinos preferred by employers around the universe? Well, the answers are glaring; we are intelligent, responsible, hardworking and most of all, beautiful people, inside and out!

    • Sabihin sa babeng divina …siya ay isang Indian lang. Sila ang mga amo’y tae dahil halos mga Indians…mabantot. Siguro alam nya na everything she met a filipino – the first impression to them ay…may PUTOK……Indian pala yang nagsabi ..kaya di nakapagtatak. maibalik sa mukha nya yung pang iisulto nya.. dahil sila ang mas maiislto.
      mayabang lang siya dahil naka dalwang Miss world kasi sila, pero nasaan ang humility nang mabahong babaeng ito. mabaho ang killli nya pati. Hanggang ngayon nasa isipan ko pa nga nung bata pa ako… tumanim sa isipan ko nang sinabi ng lola ko – naku yan ang mga taong pinaka may putok sa MUNDO.. ha ha kaya as a filipino we should nt be affected by that utterance from a stingy Indian citizen.

  8. Personally death is not enough for this girl, Maybe we’re not that rich but we definitely have the dignity and we dont just work to make money and survive in life, We work because its our passion…the beauty of FILIPINOS are just undeniable inside out, and if somebody in this world couldnt accept the fact then SORRY! you have to live with it because thats the reality!


  9. its good to Miss Young not to say something against this certain DEVILna SHawarma dediva an indian lady who studied in manchester????? who cares??because she has a breed, and this Devina i dont know which part of india were this arrogant vampire came from?

  10. She forgot that there are also a lot of Indian women who work as maids around the world, especially in the Middle East…It’s just that, a lot of employers prefer Filipinas because they are known to be clean, hardworking and patient…In some other Arab countries like Bahrain, some employers prefer Indian women, Ethiopians or Indonesians because they are paid less as compared to Filipinas who are the highest paid household service workers ever in the Middle East… In Israel, employers also prefer Filipina caregivers because according to them, they are clean, fast learners and hardworkers..They also know how to negotiate for their salaries that’s why Filipina caregivers are also paid higher than other nationalities… I can say that DD doesn’t know what she’s talking… She hasn’t seen Filipina maids that are more gorgeous than their lady employers that’s why they are envious and even jealous with their maids…hahaha! Maybe, what she saw was her fellow Indians, not Filipinas, that’s why she made a remark like that…Remember, oftentimes, Filipinas are mistaken to be any other nationalities because our faces are common or universal, and so with our color…

    Our features (most) is the same as the Thailanders, the Japanese, the Chinese, Nepalese, Spanish, Indians, etc… I, for example, am often mistaken as an Indian woman because of my brown complexion and deep brown eyes… 🙂

    • Ah it’s only now that i came to knnow that she is an Indian..My gosh, no wonder – it’s a reverse. what she is talking is hereself. I know already why she tried to capture the attention of the whole human race, is because she mighet have experienced this whom she was treated as stingy. In KSA/Middle East, all their nationas are known to be stingy. Probably this lady had experienced an altercation or she had a quarrel with one filipino that is why she try to circumvent and utter this word in worldwide site. It is no wonder because they are the ones who are known as dirty and so stingy. Look at all their nationals. They look more than a scanvenger unlike a Filipino maid – there is dignity and sotlessly clean even when they are working and perspiring , but this lady Devina – her personality speaks for herself. S

  11. I Don’t care what others say! i’m proud of filipinos who work as a maid, or what ever kind of job they have , because they work hard to support their family. and for our miss world : YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL, AND DEFINITELY DESERVE YOUR CROWN 🙂 I’M SURE ALL FILIPINOS ARE PROUD TO HAVE YOUR BEAUTY AND INTELLIGENCE TO REPRESENTS OUR COUNTRY 🙂

  12. Why can’t we just celebrate that one of our Filipina kababayan is the most beautiful woman in the world. We have to stop that crab mentality in order for us to progress and be a successful nation.


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