Thai Woman Arrested For Drug Smuggling, Hidden In Her Private Parts

shabuKUALA LUMPUR – A Thai woman with about 500 grams of cocaine and syabu hidden in her private parts thought she could get past security at the  Kuala Lumpur International Airport, but apparently, the authorities noticed her unusual way of walking. Police officers followed her discreetly to the city hotel where she checked in at Sepang, and raided her room.

Datuk Noor Rashid Ibrahim, Chief Commander of Federal Narcotics Crime Investigation Department, said, “When the officers raided her hotel room, the suspect had already expelled some of the drugs and placed them on the bed. We found six capsules containing 495g of cocaine. Investigations revealed the woman had smuggled the drugs from South America to Dubai before landing at KLIA.”

According to police reports, about 350gm of cocaine was inserted in her vagina and another 150gm of cocaine was hidden in her rectum. The woman admitted that this is not her first time to smuggle drugs.

Commander Noor Rashid also said that a day before this incident, a Nigerian man that flew in a flight from Doha and arrived at KLIA was also arrested for smuggling syabu. “When we checked his luggage, we found four packets containing 1.12kg of syabu hidden in macaroni packets,” he added.

Also on Wednesday, a local couple, both students from a private school in Malaysia, flew in flight from Chennai, India was arrested at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal for carrying 8kg of syabu inside their luggage. “They had 4kg of syabu each in their luggage. They had placed the drugs among layers of sequined cloth, believing they would not be spotted when the luggage went through the scanning machine.” 

All these cases were discovered to be connected to a Nigerian drug smuggling syndicate. “They were paid US$1,000 each by the syndicate,” he stated.



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