3 witnesses to alleged vote-rigging in the last elections surface

  • 3 whistleblowers surface to expose alleged vote-rigging they witnessed in Quezon Province
  • One of the witnesses said the beneficiaries of the vote manipulation were all Liberal Party candidates
  • The witness named Mar Roxas, Leni Robredo and Senator Franklin Drilon as some of the LP candidates who benefitted from the vote padding and vote shaving

Three whistleblowers from Quezon province who claimed to have witnessed vote-rigging in the May 9 elections surface to expose the massive cheating that they claim benefitted Liberal Party candidates, including Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo.

The witnesses, who hid their identities behind scarves and sunglasses, were presented by Pastor Saycon, secretary-general of the Council of Philippine Affairs, to the press before they are to meet with Senators Serge Osmeña III, TG Guingona, Tito Sotto and Nancy Binay.

Only one of the whistleblowers talked to the media. A Philstar article said the male witness asked to be identified only as “Ka Bert.” Saycon told reporters that the witnesses are all members of the Iglesia ni Cristo.

“Ka Bert” said the manipulation of the votes was done in a rented private warehouse in Quezon province, which has over one million registered voters.

He said computers and vote counting machines (VCM) were delivered to the warehouse. He claimed nine Information Technology experts – five from Smartmatic and 4 from Quezon province – manned and conducted tests on the VCMs.

On Election Day, May 9, “Ka Bert” said the VCMs were turned on and after all the voting precincts closed, the VCMs started receiving votes transmitted from the voting precincts.

He said he personally saw how votes transmitted from the voting precincts were being changed before they were transmitted to the transparency server.

“They changed the votes and put it in the names of other candidates,” “Ka Bert” said.

He disclosed that about 300,000 votes were shaved from the votes for Duterte, while 200,000 each from Vice President Jojo Binay and Senator Grace Poe. The votes were added to Mar Roxas’ votes, the witness claimed.

In the Vice Presidential race, “Ka Bert” said votes for all the VP candidates were shaved except those of Leni Robredo’s. He said Senator Bongbong Marcos got the biggest vote reduction with 500,000 taken from him.  The votes taken from the other candidates were allegedly given to Robredo.

The witness also named Senator Franklin Drilon as the biggest beneficiary of the vote manipulation in the senatorial race.

Here’s the video showing the whistleblowers before members of the media:





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