400-year-old church bell taken by US soldiers in 1901 returned to its home in La Union

  • A 400-year-old church bell was returned to its home in La Union
  • It was brought back to the Saints Peter and Paul Parish
  • The bell was taken by American soldiers in 1901

After more than a hundred years, the 400-year-old San Pedro Bell was returned to its original home at the Saints Peter and Paul Parish Church.

In an article written by Erwin Beleo of Manila Bulletin, it was disclosed that the bell is back to its rightful place after it was taken by American soldiers in 1901 and brought to the church of the Roman Catholic at West Point Academy in New York USA.

Thanks to a retired US Navy Captain, Dennis Wright, the existence of the bell was discovered through his research work.

On April 30 the bell was transported from the West Point Community; arriving at Clark Pampanga on May 17.

Fr. Ronald Chan, a priest, said in behalf of the parishioners that: “After more than a century, we are so glad that we now have the opportunity to once again hear the call of San Pedro to our church services.”

The bell has been installed in front of the church; at the left side of the main door.

“I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the US military for the return of the bell, the voice of God,” said Reverend Rodolfo Beltran, Bishop of the Diocese of San Fernando, La Union.

Mayor Martin de Guzman thanked everyone who managed the return of the bell; especially Captain Dennis Wright whose efforts led to the homecoming of the historic bell.

“This bell is very important to us. It is our long lost treasure. The return of the bell would strengthen our faith and further unite us here in our town,” De Guzman said.

The Spanish bell was taken by American soldiers during the Philippine-American war in 1901. Bauang Information Officer Myrna Romero said the bell was almost destroyed during the revolution that time.

Together with the other bells, the San Pedro Bell was seized by Americans to prevent guerrillas from melting them down to make guns and other war ammunition.

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