Anne Curtis denies she’s the new “Darna”

  • Anne Curtis won’t be portraying “Darna”
  • She said the movie she will do with Erik Matti will be called “Run and Gun”
  • Star Cinema have not yet announced who will replace Angel Locsin as “Darna”

MANILA, Philippines – Actress-TV host Anne Curtis denied that she will be portraying “Darna” in the planned movie adaptation of Mars Ravelo’s Filipino comics heroine.

According to an article published by ABS-CBN News, the Filipino-Australian actress clarified the rumors when she was speaking with reporters at her contract signing with ABS-CBN on Thursday, May 5 that the movie she will be doing with “Darna” director Erik Matti will be called “Run and Gun.”

She said: “I think I’ve done every role possible that I could ever want to do except for what I’m about to do with Direk Erik. So as in sobra akong excited. It’s definitely another side of me that I’ve never done before.”

Rumors spread that Curtis was the actress chosen to replace Angel Locsin for the “Darna” movie after she posted a photo of her with Matti on Instagram, which has the caption: “Something to look forward to this year! A film with THE Direk @erikmatti  Super excited for this! Time to work my butt off again!”

Locsin dropped out from the project October last year because of health reasons.

ABS-CBN released an official statement on the matter. It reads: “It is with deep regret that we announce that ABS-CBN, Star Cinema, and Angel Locsin have mutually agreed that Angel will no longer do the “Darna” movie due to health reasons.

“Because of her passion, dedication, and commitment to the project, she underwent various rigorous training regimens for two years.

“Unfortunately, this led her to developing a disc bulge in her spine.

“This then limits her from doing strenuous activities such as stunts, liftings, and the usage of harness, all of which will be required of her for the action scenes in the film. Aside from that, she will need to undergo rehabilitation and treatment.

“And so while we have envisioned her to do the iconic Filipino heroine, Angel’s health and safety are both our primary concern. Hence, the decision.

“Fans need not worry. They can still look forward to seeing her in a movie that she is currently shooting with Vilma Santos. Angel’s physical condition does not prevent her from finishing the said project.

“Again, we sincerely thank Angel for her hard work and pray for her recovery.”

As of now, Star Cinema have note yet announced who will replace the actress as “Darna”.



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