Baron Geisler speaks up on bar fight with indie actor Kiko Matos

  • Baron Geisler  got involved in a physical fight at a local bar
  • A Facebook video showed him receiving some hits from a guy
  • Geisler identified the guy as indie actor Kiko Matos
  • In an interview, he challenged Matos to see him, expressed his desire to punch Matos

MANILA, Philippines – A few days after another video surfaced showing him involved in a physical fight at a local bar, Baron Geisler broke his silence and identified the guy who punched him.

As seen in a video posted on Facebook by a user named Medmessiah CombatBoi, the 33-year-old actor was shaking hands with a guy when the latter suddenly hit him a number of times.

Geisler was restrained before he could retaliate while the other guy was dragged out of the bar.

He was heard saying at the end of the video: “Yung sa akin lang, pare, dinisrespect niya ‘yung…kaaway niya kanina.”

[My point is that he disrespected his opponent earlier.]

According to a Facebook user CTTO who claimed he was there when the fight happened, Geisler was at the bar only to drink and sing. The other guy, an American, repeatedly shouted at the bartender because the drinks of his companions were delayed.

Geisler allegedly told the guy to confront the bartender properly and to lower his voice because he’s not the only person there.

In response, the guy cursed the actor and told him to mind his own business.

It was then that Geisler got mad and allegedly threw a chair at the guy. Buenafe went on to say, as per his post, that members of the band immediately tried to pacify the two. However, when both of them were being made to shake hands as seen in the vid clip, the guy suddenly hit Geisler a number of times.

The alleged witness defended Geisler; saying the actor was just defending the bartender and that the guy was being a nuisance. Moreover, as seen in the clip, it was the other guy who was dragged out and not Geisler.

In an interview with News 5, Geisler identified the other guy seen in the video as indie actor Kiko Matos.

The contoversial actor said: “Magkita tayo sa mata. Pagod ako. Pagod na pagod ako. Pero sige. Ikaw, Kiko Matos, magkita tayo sa mata. Mahal kita, pero bibigwasan kita. Isa lang. Magkita tayo.”

[Let’s see each other in person. I’m tired. I’m very tired. But okay. You, Kiko Matos, let’s see each other in person. I love you, but I’m going to hit you. Just one. Let’s see each other.]