China promotes tourism in disputed islands

  • The Chinese government is now promoting tourism in the islands involved in the territorial dispute
  • Paracel Islands Administrator Xiao Jie said that the area is advertised for diving, windsurfing, and even beach weddings
  • China recently reacted on how the G7 meddles with the issue regarding the territorial dispute; saying that the matter is “none of their business”

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is now taking a different stance towards its claims in the West Philippine Sea; reaching the point where it is now promoting tourism in the area.

In an article written by Jane Perlez and Yufan Huang for The New York Times on May 28, 2016, it was disclosed that Paracel Islands Administrator Xiao Jie is now advertising the disputed territory to those who would like to visit the area for diving, windsurfing, and even beach weddings.

“We will develop some islands and reefs to accommodate a select number of tourists,” he said.

Xiao, who is also the mayor of  Sansha City in Woody Island, leads at least 1,500 residents who have complete access to a school, a police station, and a local court.

He said that tourists, especially those who come for prenuptial photo shoots, tend to take a 10,000-ton boat ride on a five-day cruise along the islands of Yinyu, Quanfu, and Yagong.

“It also bears a special meaning to get married here in Xisha (Paracel). These are our lands,” Xiao said.

Meanwhile, the PRC has reacted on how the global community, especially the members of the Group of Seven (G7) consortium, intervenes on issues covering the territorial dispute; saying that the matter is “none of their business.”

“I have made it very clear that the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea) issue has nothing to do with the G7 and its members. We believe that the G7 should focus its time and energy on coping with issues within it, and not poke its nose into other countries or matters beyond its remit. This is also good for the G7 itself,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying.