Chito hits back at Duterte supporters who bashed him for ‘rethinking’ his poll choice

  • Parokya ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda hit back at pro-Duterte bashers over his decision to reconsider his choice for president
  • Earlier, Miranda tweeted his openness to listen to the sides of other presidential candidates
  • The popular rock singer urged his bashers to not judge him too quickly
Screen capture of Miranda's post on Instagram
Screen capture of Miranda’s post on Instagram

MANILA, Philippines – After receiving criticisms over his decision to reconsider his choice of presidential candidate in the coming national election, Parokya Ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda slammed supporters of Mayor Duterte who bashed him on social media.

Miranda is known to support the presidential bid of Duterte as early as last year and is one of the many celebrities who openly campaigned for the tough-talking mayor.

He even reiterated his support for Duterte following the latter’s controversial remark against Pope Francis late last year.

But Miranda surprised his followers after a series of tweets that appears to suggest he is now undecided on whom to support with barely a week remaining before the national election.

“Ano sa tingin nyo? Kelangan natin pumili. Du30 ako pero gusto ko marinig side ng iba. Pls educate me intelligently,” Miranda wrote on April 28. [What do you think? We have to choose. I’m for Du30 but I want to hear the side of others. Please educate me intelligently.]

This was followed by a series of tweets, sharing his own takes on other presidential candidates like Senators Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Grace Poe.

Why a big deal?

In another series of tweets, Miranda asked why it has become a big deal for others when he only wanted to educate himself with regards to the other candidates.

“Kahit si Du30 ang manalo, walang change na magaganap kung di kayo marunong rumespeto sa kapwa. Advocate po of peace and discipline si Du30,” he wrote in another Twitter post on Wednesday, May 4. [Even if Du30 wins, no change will happen if you cannot respect others. Duterte is an advocate of peace and discipline.]

In a lengthy and strongly-worded Instagram post, the popular rock singer lambasted those who bashed him, mostly Duterte fans, for rethinking his decision on whom to support.

He urged his bashers not to judge him too quickly, as if what he’s done was a mortal sin. He reiterated the future of the country is at stake in the coming elections and it is only right for any voter like him to consider options before coming up with an important decision.

Comparing Duterte to others

Screen capture of Chito Miranda's post on Instagram
Screen capture of Chito Miranda’s post on Instagram

While he maintained that he has been a Duterte supporter from the very start and appreciates what the mayor has done for Davao City, Miranda said he is just “comparing Duterte’s platform and track record with those of the other candidates.”

“Dahil malapit na ang election, walang masama kung ido-double check natin lahat ng options natin,” the singer wrote. [Because election is near, there is nothing wrong in double-checking all our options.

“Sa tingin n’yo mali ba yun?” he asked. [Do you think that’s wrong?]

Miranda stressed that in case he change his mind, at least he did it with circumspect by scrutinizing and studying all the candidates, and not because he lacks morals or principles.

“O ngayon…sino sa atin ang mas nag-iisip?” his Instagram post ended. [Now, who between us is more rational?]

To read his full post, click here.



  1. That is very admirable Chito! Kudos to you! Don’t be swayed by what everyone thinks and feel. The right to choose who we want is ours alone. Nobody should influence and push us to choose just anybody. That is why we should be objectively studying and researching the people who presented themselves to us for election. We should be observant and diligent in scrutinizing the track record, the promises, and most importantly their platforms and vision for where they want the country to go from now. Doing these will make us arrived to the most intelligent, educated, realistic, and objective decision. Let’s not decide based on feelings only,. Lets not decide based on what the rivals and the media is alleging. Let’s examine facts and real evidences of the candidates in the past and at present. Thus, when we arrived to our decision we will be able to stand proud and be able to specify the reasons why we stand with somebody. We have to politically mature and grow as an electorate. The country needs all our help guys to raise it and make it great! We dream of a better Philippines. Let’s respect each other’s decisions. Stop the bashing. Stop the throwing of expletives, demonization and painting of others black because they are different from us. If you are a Duterte supporter, follow Mayor Duterte’s reaction when one of his son despite his appeal will choose Chiz Escudero as VP. He did not become angry right? He allowed his son to choose because we are a democracy. That is maturity. That, indicates open-mindedness and unjudgemental attitude towards others.

  2. I am a DU30 supporter and I will vote for him but I do respect Chito’s decision. Only after very careful reflection can you really choose a candidate and solidly stand by him. Good luck.

  3. Does he mean that when he chooses Duterte at first, he didn’t make that “matinding pananaliksik at matinding pag-aaral?” And that, basta na lang niya pinili si Duterte?
    Or matinding “pangangailangan?”
    Just asking.

    • he did his research, but unlike “die-hard FANS,” who choose a candidate and stick with their choice no matter what, it’s actually the rational thing to do to double check if your candidate is actually who you think s/he is.

      • Are you with him when he did his “research?”
        Siya lang ba ang pwede at siya lang ba nag-research para sa gustong kandidato?
        Am sure most or majority of their supporters did.
        Just like those group of businessmen, men in uniforms, religous sect and other individuals who jump over “picket-fences” did made in-depth research and thorough scrutiny prior in selecting their candidates.
        Are you telling me that his research is more credible than that of, let say for one, Iglesia Ni Cristo?

        • well.. actually it is his choice in the first place and we all have the right to change our minds. maybe at first he was amazed with the person’s guts or whatever.. but on a 2nd thought which i say kudos! to chito by the way, he gave himself a chance to also hear out other candidates. options were laid and so he decided to chose whoever he wants.

          it shouldn’t bother anyone. he just gave his own opinion and he deserves respect.

          • I can not contest if his reason was plainly and simply, “it’s my choice”
            But the way I sense it (hope am wrong), it was somewhat trying to disprove Duterte as the right candidate.

  4. And suddenly you come up that you really not sure about youself on siding with Duterte. You have the rights to choose based on your thoughts. Mr. Miranda, we respect your decisions. Anyway thats is your life. For us Duterte supporters are loyal and continue to supports till to the very end.

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