Duterte backs ‘Flores de Pusher’

  • Presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte backs the shaming of drug pushers
  • The parade called Flores de Pusher was held in Batangas
  • Duterte promises to support the Tanauan mayor’s initiatives to curb the illegal drug trade

Presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte supports the shaming of drug pushers; dubbed in Tanauan, Batangas as “Flores de Pusher”.

In an article written by Jamaine Punzalan of ABS-CBN News, it was disclosed that while the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) has stated that Tanauan Mayor Anthony Halili may have violated the rights of the suspects, Duterte said he will not interfere with how Halili handles his turf. Duterte said he “will not even comment on it.”

On Monday, May 23, suspected drug pushers in the aforementioned town were forced to parade via a “Flores de Pusher” walk of shame. The suspects had placards hanging from their necks which says “I am a pusher. Do not imitate me” in Filipino.

Meanwhile, Duterte said he is aware that suspects should not be punished without due course and that he has never humiliated anyone in public in Davao City.  However, he maintained that he will support Halili’s initiatives to curb the illegal drug trade in Tanauan.

The incoming President noted that he will offer legal advice and assign a lawyer to Halili should he need it.

“Kung ginawa niya, okay lang and I will support him. I’ll give him legal advice, a lawyer. Kasi ako, galit din talaga ako sa droga [If he did that, that’s okay and I will support him. I’ll give him legal advice, a lawyer. Because personally, I am also strongly against illegal drugs,” he said.

Halili had stressed that the suspects were given warnings to stop their illegal activities or face apprehension; noting that the warnings were also delivered via mail to the suspects’ residence. They, however, did not listen, he said.