DUTERTE FASHION: The plaid will stay

  • Presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte’s fashion style does not need extreme changes says Davao fashion designers
  • He is not a fan of Barong Tagalog because he easily gets “itchy”
  • Duterte’s former wardrobe chief agrees the plaid fashion style of the maverick president has to stay

DAVAO CITY – Changing presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte’s look will not do any good, according to Davao fashion designers.

Bobby Castillo of Chardin, a high-end fashion enterprise in Davao City, said that Duterte will no longer be “The Punisher” the public has known if they will try to change how he dresses up.

According to the designers, Duterte usually just sends them his own choice of fabric for a new outfit. They said they already have the incoming president’s measurements.

In a written article by Nico Alconaba of Inquirer, Chardin‘s Richard Pulatche said the president does not want his outfit too tight and too loose. He added the former mayor of Davao is very particular with a certain length of his clothes.

Apparently, the incoming president is very sensitive to the shirt’s label touching his nape and happens to get itchy easily. This is also the reason, according to the fashion gurus of Davao, why Duterte hates wearing the traditional Barong Tagalog unlike other statesmen. Castillo disclosed that Duterte would sometimes send his RTW clothes for them to remove the labels.

Meanwhile, Otoi Mercado, Duterte’s stylist for his weekly TV show in Davao, suggested that a jacket with a presidential seal paired with good shoes like loafers would be good for the new president.

He added the incoming president does not need an extreme transformation and his signature look has to stay  —  the plaid.

In a write-up by Millet M. Mananquil of Philippine Star, Liz Uy made suggestions on how she would style the maverick president. Uy, a celebrated fashion stylist in the Philippines, came up with lists and sketches of clothing that she will recommend to the incoming president. ­Duterte’s domestic partner Honeylet Avanceña, on the other hand, is in search for a special Barong for the presumptive president, Rappler’s Pia Aranda wrote.