Duterte’s promise: No more foul words in Malacañang

  • Presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte promised to adhere to presidential protocols regarding ethics when he assumes his post
  • The incoming chief executive said that he realizes the formal nature of his new position
  • He said that he will no longer speak foul words once he steps into Malacañang

Despite admitting the fact that he is a foul-mouthed person, presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte promised that he will no longer curse in public once he steps into Malacañang.

In an article written by Dharel Placido for ABS-CBN News on May 26, 2016, it was disclosed that the incoming chief executive vowed to follow presidential protocols on ethics; realizing the formal nature of his new position.

There is a protocol to follow. Iyung speech ko, maybe I will have to read it. ‘Di na ako pwedeng magloko-loko d’yan. Kapag nandiyan ako, ‘di na talaga, swear to God [Regarding my speeches, maybe I will have to read it. I can no longer mess around. When I arrive there, never again,  swear to God],” Duterte said.

Last year, the outgoing mayor of Davao City drew the ire of the public, especially the Roman Catholics, after cursing the pope for the traffic jam that the latter’s visit caused in Metro Manila in January 2015.

He then sent to the Supreme Pontiff a written apology, to which the Vatican has replied on February 24.

Meanwhile, Duterte has recently received criticisms for coming up with an eight-point agenda similar to that of incumbent President Benigno Simeon Aquino III.

According to communist groups, both Duterte and Aquino’s plans for the country lacked a taste of socialism; which the groups believe is what the country needs.

As a response, Duterte said that he does not intend to transform the Philippines into a communist nation despite campaigning for socialism before the elections.

What do you want? The color of communism?” he asked, “This is my agenda, and the Congress right now, or some of them said, that they would support my economic agenda. Fine.”