Facebook creator has made $4.4 M for every day he’s been alive — CNBC

Images by Mark Zuckerberg via Facebook
  • Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg has made $4.4 million every day he’s been alive
  • The data is according to the CNBC calculations
  • Zuckerberg, 32, is one of the world’s richest people

Have you ever wondered just how much the creator of the popular social networking site Facebook has made in terms of earnings? Well, exactly on his 32nd birthday, it was calculated that he has made over $4 million for every day that he has been alive. A real stunning figure, right?

In an article written by Nicholas Wells of CNBC, which was posted at NBC News, it was disclosed that according to the CNBC calculations, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, 32, has made an average of $4.4 million for every day that he has been alive.

The amount is even bigger than anybody else on Forbes’ list of billionaires. For instance, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, 60, who is the richest person in the world, has earned $3.5 million per day in his life; while Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, 52, has a per-day fortune of $3.3 million.

Also, according to the CNBC, his estimated fortune’s a whopping $51.8 billion. Then because of his youth, he’s making more money per day than anyone else on the entire planet.

Zuckerberg is an American programmer, Internet entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is the chairman, chief executive, and co-founder of the social networking website Facebook. Together with his college roommates and fellow Harvard University students Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes, he launched Facebook from Harvard’s dormitory rooms. The group then introduced Facebook to other campuses. The social networking site has expanded rapidly; with one billion users by 2012 and which continues to be a popular social media platform.

Meanwhile, aside from the amount of money that he has earned and is currently earning, Zuckerberg is also blessed with a happy life; above all. To note, his personal life is also going so smoothly, as his wife Priscilla recently gave birth to their first child — a daughter named Max.


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