LOOK: Former senator Manny Villar caught wearing a Duterte baller

  • Former Senator Manny Villar, chairman of Nacionalista Party, was seen wearing a Duterte baller during the opening of his Starmall Balanga branch
  • The Filipino billionaire openly endorses Duterte’s presidential bid 
  • Online backers of the tough-talking mayor thanked Villar for his support

BALANGA, Bataan – Did Nacionalista Party chairman and former senator Manny Villar finally join the Duterte bandwagon? A photo of the Filipino billionaire businessman wearing a Duterte baller which was posted by PDP-Laban spokesperson Peter Tiu Laviña on his Facebook account has been circulating online with a caption:

Sa sipag at tiyaga, sa wakas naka baller na rin ako! [With diligence and perseverance, finally I’m wearing my baller!] Playful Manny beaming like a young boy winning in his first lastiko [rubberband] game.
#TunayNaPagbabago [Real Change]”

The photo was actually taken by Eduard Trinidad Duterte at the opening of Villar’s Starmall in Balanga, Bataan. Eduard Duterte said the ex-politician has been openly endorsing the trash-talking mayor on his presidential bid. He said on his post:

“Senator Villar at the opening of his Starmall in Balanga, Bataan together with the Garcias who are supporting our President. He also openly endorsed President Duterte and said nice words about him. SALAMAT SENATOR [Thank you Senator]! Pero hindi siya nakaligtas sa [But he could not evade] Duterte Campaign Team for Parallel Org . Thanks for wearing the Duterte baller na binigay ko [that I gave you]!


Manny Villar, who was elected Senator in 2001 and was Senate President from 2006-2008, also run for Presidency in the 2010 election, but lost to incumbent president Benigno ‘PNoy’ Aquino III.

Meanwhile, some online users thanked the former senator for supporting Mayor Duterte.

M. Cunanan in a post said: If Manny Villar is for DUTERTE well and good. Thank you, Sir, for believing in him.

While R. Zapatos said: “Sipag at Tiyaga, Tapang at Malasakit
[Diligence and Perseverance, Courage and Compassion] Good combination”


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