From mountains to catwalk: Carrot Man dazzles in latest photo shoots

  • Carrot Man Jeyrick Sigmaton advances to the next level in modeling
  • Sigmaton, an Igorot, first became famous after he was photographed by a social media user
  • He dazzles in his latest classy pictorial as shared on Instagram and GMA

Carrot Man Jeyrick Sigmaton, the Igorot who went viral because of his ‘overly photogenic’ looks, became a certified Boardwalk endorser; blessed enough to “walk” from the mountains to a catwalk so unexpectedly.

Interestingly, Aedrianne Acar of GMA compiled photos of Sigmaton who can be mistaken as a Korean pop actor with his looks.

Sigmaton’s fame came unexpectedly after he was photographed by a social media user. His photos were shared on the web and immediately went viral. Earlier, he was proclaimed as the newest endorser of clothing brand Boardwalk; with the clothing line Carrot Man Collection.” The collection features casual tops, hoodies and shirts named after the municipalities where the Carrot Man is from.

The young man from the Mountain Province, in his latest photos taken by Jerick Sanchez, wore the creations of Avel Bacudio – dubbed as Asia’s most influential designer – and was groomed by Leo Posadas.

“Surprisingly, he acted like a professional,” said Bacudio who also groomed and dressed Alden Richards as a Boardwalk model when Alden “was not as popular as he is now.”

Bacudio recognized how polite Carrot Man is — comparing him to Richards.

“Magalang, palaging may ‘po’ at ‘opo’ kapag sumasagot [He’s polite, he always includes po and opo in his answers]. Just like Alden who, up to now, is still respectful; he hasn’t changed even if he is today’s biggest and most popular young actor,” Bacudio noted.

Bacudio, on the other hand, cannot say if Sigmaton has a potential to be a good actor like Richards.

“It’s too soon to tell. He needs more training, although I could sense that he is not so inclined towards showbiz,” he stated.

Sigmaton, however, has already signed a one-year “build-up” contract with GMA which is putting him under speech training and probably making him undergo an acting workshop.

Check out the Carrot Man’s classy photos on Jerick Sanchez‘s Instagram and his Korean-like look in photos compiled by GMA Network.

Image capture of posts by Jerick Sanchez via Instagram