Commentary: Is Death Penalty the Solution to Corruption in the Philippines?

Image by Mehdi Hasan Khan (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Picture this:  A politician helps some chosen people and companies enjoy tax breaks, special promotions, or even obtain land.  He also uses his power to interfere with project contracts, thereby ensuring that he gets to pick who will work on a particular project – and he gets a major cut right off the project budget.  He also lives an extravagant lifestyle, complete with expensive jewelry, palatial home/s, and fancy cars.

Sounds familiar?   The description above could easily fit any of our senators and congressmen, even some of the presidents we had.  But did you know that these descriptions also fit the former vice-mayor of Hangzhou, Xu Maiyong, recently executed in China?  Yes.  They execute corrupt officials in China.  Why can’t we do the same?  Shouldn’t there be death penalty for corrupt officials in the Philippine, too?

Dirty Politics, Rich Politicians

Our politicians are always spouting nonsense about how they are in the service because of their genuine desire to help the poor and disadvantaged, and how they want to serve the people.  Yeah, right.  Sorry, but no one believes them anymore.  It is more of helping themselves to the money allocated to them, which was supposed to be for the poor and oppressed.

No wonder that elections can be so deadly in our country.  Many politicians run for office because there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and sometimes resort to vote buying (with the people’s money) and violence in the process to ensure electoral victory.  The end result?   Funds that are supposed to be for the poor are pocketed by those shameless politicians.

Death Penalty for Corrupt Officials

Our country bills itself as the only Christian country in Asia, yet we are also one of the most corrupt!  If only our politicians could follow the exemplary behavior of their Japanese counterparts – stepping down from their position when facing controversy or maybe even performing hara kiri.  Well, if they can’t bring it upon themselves to do either of the two, then it is best for the law to go after them, punishing them for their actions in the form of imprisonment and capital punishment.

Who knows what the Philippines might be if politicians can be executed for their crimes?  It may sound extreme, but  our country’s elected officials would surely think twice before squandering public funds or funneling them to their own bank accounts.  It would be more difficult for them to live a life of luxury from money that is not rightfully theirs.  After all, who isn’t afraid of being hanged to death? or to face a public execution by musketry to set an example, just like what former president Marcos did with drug lord Lim Seng in the 1970’s?

With the death penalty as a deterrent, these dirty politicians may not even run for office anymore.  Those who do would think twice about their actions.

Spoilsports and Sourpusses

Of course, even if ordinary citizens like us feel that death penalty could be the ultimate solution to corruption in the Philippines, a few sourpusses and spoilsports will always be there to burst our happy bubble.

Death penalty can be viewed as a violation of a person’s human rights, with many thinking that as a Christian country, these sinners must always be given a chance to repent for who are we to judge them?

Also remember that for something like this to become a law, it must be made by the same lawmakers – who had already  established themselves as corrupt and deserving the death sentence in the first place.  If they put that into law, it would be like creating a noose and placing that around their rich, corrupt necks.  Of course, they would do everything in their power for that to never become a law.

Death penalty could be the ultimate solution to corruption in the Philippines; however, it is  but a dream.  Of course, in the Philippines, the rich, powerful, and corrupt still prevail over justice.   It is perhaps a too good a solution to become a reality.  With our corrupt politicians running about like kings and queens of the world, it seems like we’re stuck with these rich, money-hungry pigs for the rest of our lives.



  1. My plea, is to think beyond the person. Faced with some similar situations, those that feel they are “beyond corruption” may find themselves living in the same way, making similar decisions. We underestimate the dynamics of a climate and an atmosphere that incites fear and therefore questionable choices made. Not to defend poor action but kililng someone, never solves the problem. The people are not evil but the social circumstances are unbearable. Human beings are large spiritual, emotional and thoughtful creatures who need to be given understanding and space to make the best decisions possible. We are all in that trap. If you live in the US, we make decisions all the time that infringe upon the rights of others by the products we buy and by just existing on this country. We can’t get around it, even in using the most highly disciplined consciousness. What is the Filipino saying, “..clean your own dirt before criticizing another’s”? This is why I believe the death penalty will not solve the problems mentioned here, but a larger sense of humanity might make space for other solutions to be considered.

    sending love to the Philipppines and all those who inhabit it…

  2. to mixedracied death penalty is truly not pleasant to hear but when death penalty is the punishment for the crime for those who are attempting, surely they will think twice. now regarding these corrupt officials, how can you stop them for committing these heinous crime? how can you put them to “FEAR” without death penalty? I believe you believe in God right? haven’t you read the Lords commandment regarding some crimes? Death penalty! to put “FEAR” in there hearts & mind, then look again at these illegal aliens who are making in our country dangerous drugs? Surely if you put to Death one of these persons others may think twice, they circumvent our laws they mock our laws. they destroy lives. I hope that you would re evaluate on what I shared.

  3. Look at Singapore, do they have that corruption problem there? When President Marcos declared Martial Law and punished that Chinese Drug Trafficker by firing squad did you hear anything from China? Yes, yes and yes is always the answer. You have seen how the Filipinos elect their officials and you have seen how these officials take advantage of a country that not only has been raped by different countries in the olden times but taken advantage of today. How can you justify to ask for a restraining order because you can not debate? I thought that was the essence of politics, if you can’t debate, then get the hell out. The Philippines is a country that has not healed from the ancient cancer is has sustained and of course stirred by politicians that want to rule it for a long time. I hope that the Philippines can be ruled again by a dictator because the Filipino people has proven time and time again that they can not vote and actually sell their vote for a t-shirt, lunch or a bus ride and suffer in the long run. I say re-establish the death penalty so Politicians start taking care of the people for a change and uphold the office that they have promised to serve.

  4. Human rights ni etta rosales at ang Simbahang katoliko ang makakalaban ng sinumang magpapabalik ng batas na ito. kakalungkot isipin na parang nasa panahon pa rin tau ng kastila na ang simbahan ay nakikialam sa pamalakad ng gobyerno!

  5. Death penalty should be implemented, considering the rampart acts of criminal activities in the Philippines. Especially crimes of premeditated or unpremeditated murders. Death penalty for crimes committed on children, rape, treason, drug trafficking, serial killers, terrorist acts, and many others, I can’t think of right now. The punishment should be acted out within a week, after judge guilty, by the court.

    • Capital punishment is primitive. Our justice system is so rotten, the rich and influential can easily buy justice so only the poor and small criminals will face execution while the rich and powerful criminals escape punishment. The implementation of death penalty will not deter criminals from committing crimes.

    • wala bang super dooper mega LIKE dito? para kasing di enough yung pag click lang sa button sa comment mo. sana pati na rin sa krimen, death penalty. sana din, meron asosasyon ng pagiging vigilante at taas dalawang kamay akong sasali. uunahin ko na yung mga corrupt na yan. lol

  6. pinaka d best n solution yan, dapat lang meron ding ma sampolan kagad..unahin n yang napoles at isunod ung senador, cla ampatuan, mga druglord, rapist, isama nrin kagad c nur misuari at mga alagad nya… ( namputik kainit ng dugo…)

  7. I would rather agree on implementing the death penalty than seeing my country in deep loss because of those bastards. We could have been one of the most beautiful and successful country because of our natural resources but still it doesn’t happen. Most people (especially the government officials) love their selves and not their own country. If you are sitting at the government offices, you must serve the country with dignity and pride, thinking how to improve your own nation, because it’s your job to serve decently because nations people voted and trusted you. Eh kaso ang nangyayari, kaya tumatakbo para pagkakitaan. Pathetic. Paano kaya kinakaya ng konsensya nila ang magnakaw ng mga perang alam nilang pinaghirapan at pinagpuyatan ng iba? Dapat ng madisiplina ang gobyerno. Kasi para lamang tong sakit na paulit ulit babalik at lalala kung papabayaan.

  8. I am eager to support this but I fear that those people from court and the police would abuse this. I am also worried if the innocent people will be affected to this as well. But I support the cutting of fingers and/or life imprisonment to those who have committed heinous crimes like rape, theft, and the like.

  9. May human rights pa ba ang mga corrupt politicians? E paano ang human rights ng mga ninanakawan nila na namamatay na lang at nasisira ang mga buhay dahil sa kahirapan. Kahit sino pa iboto natin, ang mananalo pa din yung mga magaling mangdaya at mambola kaya nga may mga political dynasties di ba kahit puro pa-epal lang ang ginagawa.

  10. Kahit gustuhin natin na maibalik ang death penalty, madaming kokontra lalo na yung simbahang katoliko. Hangga’t gusto nilang makialam sa mga batas, gagawin nila and we have to deal with it. ultimo nga pagseselfie pinapakialaman nila, i’m not a hater ng simbahan coz i’m a catholic din naman pero yan yung point of view ko.

  11. Death Penalty and Martial Law are all of the same thing. They are ideal but are too good to be true. Noong inemplement ang Martial Law, nabawasan ba ang mga corrupt officials o mas lalo itong dumami? Me naparusahan bang mga crony ni Marcos that time o ung mga balakid sa kanyang pamamahala lang ang naparusahan. Di po bat mas lalo silang yumaman at halos sila na ang nagmamay-ari sa Pinas. Umangat ba ang estado ng ating bansa o mas lalong bumagsak sa panahon ng Martial Law?

  12. unahin nyona sintensyahan ung mga corrupt na nasa gobyerno dyan para mabawasan ang mga magnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan… kaya tayo lalo naqg hihirap dahil sa kanilang lahat… sila panakaw nakaw lng ng kaban ng bayan habang taong mga pinoy ay nag papakahirap sa trabaho at pag babayad ng tax and everything tapos ibubulsa lang nila pinag hirapan natin? hell no… sino di magagalit sa mga hinayupak na yan

  13. I say heck yes! All the world should embrace this. But be warned governments build themselves to be self sufficient. In other worlds it isn’t going to happen because the system is built around a very select few control the political atmosphere. And of course they will cry foul and complain that the punishment does not fit the crime. What else could you expect from a nation that allows convicted criminals to run for political office?

  14. First of all the church should be segregated from the political affairs of the country.They shouldn’t be meddling in any affairs of the country.Second,they should bring back the capital punishment to deter any would be criminal, politician from doing crimes.Third,like they do in China,the gov’t should revive the laws.Politicians who are corrupt should be executed!This is the only way the people will put their trust to the gov’t. officials and the chances the country can get away with the big burden of owing billions of dollars from the World Bank.Let’s face it,the country needs an Iron Fist President to rule and manage it..Hindi kailangan dito ang pusong mamon ng mga namumuno!Kailanman ay di na titino at aasenso ang Pilipinas hangga’t nandirito ang mga Buwayang Hayop na mga Kurakot at gahaman sa kaban ng bansa!Sa sampung kakandidato sa panahong ito,iisa lang siguro ang may malinis na hangarin sa mga kandidato kapag napapwesto at ang siyam ay puro pagpapayaman kaagad iniisip.Sinuman ang may criminal record ay di dapat payagang humabol pa ng public office.Tingnan ko lang kundi titino at aasenso ang bansang Pilipinas kapag ganito ang pinairal.At my age mula pagkabata ay pinapangarap ko ng umasenso ang ating bansa ,ngayong puti na buhok ko at di malaon ay mawawala na rin ako dito sa mundo,para bang bigo akong makita na umunlad pa ang ating bansa.Kawawa ang mga musmos na bata pa ay hirap na sa buhay habang lumalaon ang panahon ay lalo silang nahihirapan sa buhay.

  15. The dead can’t talk, so…

    Physical Torture Cubes are a much more humane form of punishment. Kind of like stockades of the past, but with full conviction records outside. No permanent damage, just a convict strapped into a chair, with tubes for food and evacuation of urine and feces, and mostly discomfort. It wouldn’t puncture the skin.

    However, it would be placed publicly so everyone could see. Shorter sentences too.

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