Is Duterte giving Robredo a ring?

  • Duterte asks what is a beautiful ring to give Leni Robredo
  • Leni Robredo is leading in the vice presidential race based on unofficial and partial official results
  • Duterte has earlier praised the leading vice presidential candidate for being ‘really beautiful’

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has pondered upon what gift would he give to Leni Robredo, who is leading in the vice presidential race based on both unofficial and still partial tally.

Speaking to reporters during a late evening press conference in Davao City, ABS-CBN said in a story, the incoming president was asked what does he intend to give Robredo.

Duterte, known for his quipping statements, joked: “Ano bang magandang singsing?” [What is a beautiful ring?]

The presumptive winner of the presidential race has earlier appreciated the beauty of the vice presidential candidate.

He was quoted in a Rappler story published April 15 as saying: “Maganda siya, maganda talaga siya.” [She’s beautiful. She’s really beautiful.]

He then said at the time that if in case the widow of former interior secretary Jesse Robredo loses in vice presidential election, he will just give her the role of an “assistant president”.

“I created the deputy mayors’ office for the Tausug, Maranaw, Iranon,” he said likening the position of assistant president to these posts.

But further pressed by the role an assistant president would play, the long-time Davao City Mayor teased the media by saying “Secret.”

As of May 24 evening, when Congress ended the first day of the official canvassing, Robredo is still leading the tight contest against Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr by over 200,000 votes.

After canvassing over 40 certificates of canvass, Robredo got 3,576,643 while Marcos garnered 3,281,151 votes.