ISIS executes 25 ‘Iraqi spies’ by dissolving their bodies in nitric acid

Image from Fox 5 Facebook page
  • ISIS has reportedly executed 25 Iraqis suspected of spying for the government
  • The brutal execution involved lowering the victims’ bodies into a tub filled with nitric acid until their organs dissolve
  • The series of barbaric killings came after ISIS started losing its territories across Iraq and Syria

The Islamic State (ISIS) has executed 25 Iraqi citizens suspected of spying for the government by lowering their bodies filled with nitric acid until their organs dissolve’; this was according to a report from a local online news outlet.

Last week, the Iraqi News mentioned in its article, citing an ‘informed source’ in the city of Mosul, that the Islamist extremist group has started killing local residents using nitric acid.

“ISIS terrorist members executed 25 persons in Mosul on charges of spying and collaborating with Iraqi security forces,” the Iraqi News said in its report dated May 18.

The ISIS militants allegedly put the suspected spies inside a bath tub containing nitric acid inside one of its headquarters in the Iraqi City; revealed the source who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

“ISIS members tied each person with a rope and lowered him in the tub, which contains nitric acid, till the victims organs dissolve,” the source added.

The notorious terrorists have resorted lately to various and even more brutal means of punishing citizens even for the most absurd offenses.

In Friday last week, 11 residents were reportedly shot to death for trying to use mobile phones, while a family of five were burned to death after they were caught trying to escape the caliphate.

A new form of punishment for its prisoners was also introduced recently – stabbing the victims right into their heart before executing them.

Last month, ISIS released a series of photographs showing prisoners accused of espionage being crucified before shooting the victims in the head.

The latest series of executions reportedly came after ISIS continued to lose territories in intense battle with US-aided government forces across Iraq and Syria over the past weeks.

An early estimate from the US Defense Department said the Sunni jihadists have lost about 40 percent of its controlled territories in Iraq and another 10 percent in Syria. The numbers has consistently increased in the weeks that followed after anti-ISIS coalition intensified its offensives to reclaim occupied provinces from the group’s self-proclaimed caliphate.


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