Iza Calzado returns from acting classes in Los Angeles

  • Iza Calzado returns to the country after completing acting courses in the Los Angeles
  • Calzado took the opportunity to improve on her craft and prepare for future roles
  • She is set to appear in an indie film in the US but is mum about future Hollywood plans

Filipina actress Iza Calzado has recently completed several acting classes in Los Angeles, sparking speculation about a possible career in Hollywood.

Talking to the Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), Calzado says she took the opportunity to improve her craft while she has no project commitments.

“It’s better to be prepared. I took Improv Classes, Audition Technique Class, Speech Class… I’m just preparing for my future. Why do you have to wait for a role to come to you, why don’t you prepare for it?” she says.

Calzado noted that she pursued the lessons because she wanted to improve her craft.

“I always think there’s so much room for improvement. I’m not where I want to be as an actress but I’m happy,” she explains.

The actress also lamented the unavailability of such courses for Filipino actors living in the Philippines.

“I wish I didn’t have to go all the way to L.A. to take classes. Doon, ang daming klase na available for actors; dito, wala. Meron dito, pero parang two-week course. Ang pagkakaiba, doon ang courses nila, eight weeks, six weeks, pero once a week. [There are many classes available for actors there but there are none here. Here, we have just two-week courses. But the difference is, there, their courses are held once a week and last for six to eight weeks.] It’s really for people who are working there,” Calzado says.

Calzado, however, kept mum about any specific plans to pursue a career in Hollywood.

She refused to divulge any details about having an acting agent in the United States but revealed that she managed to book a project for an independent film there.

“I actually booked a film when I was there, it’s an independent Filipino film and it’s going to be a thriller. He’s the only Filipino director who is a member of [the Directors Guild of America], so I’m going to do this with Jake Macapagal,” she says.

Calzado clarified though that there is still no exact date of production for that project.


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