Man offers free Caribbean holiday to whoever can help his girlfriend walk again

  • A professional kite surfer from Grenadines is enlisting the help of a physiotherapist and in exchange offers an all-expense paid trip to the Caribbean islands 
  • His girlfriend, Zoe, is in need of physical rehabilitation after an accident that fractured her hip and femur
  • To apply for the job, email [email protected]

Do you want a 6-month long, all-expenses paid trip to the Caribbean islands? A Grenadines-based professional kite surfer is offering a free Caribbean holiday for you and a plus one—but there’s a catch: you have to help his girlfriend to walk again for the duration of your stay.

Jeremie Tronet took to Facebook earlier in May to seek for medical help for his girlfriend, Zoe, after she fell 3 meters down a concrete ditch that fractured her hip and femur, as per an article published by Yahoo! News.

“Are you a physiotherapist, orthopedic surgeon, working in a rehabilitation center, or know a good one? We need your opinion,” Tronet wrote on a Facebook post.

According to Tronet, Zoe is currently recovering from the surgery. She will have to go through 5-6 months of rehabilitation before she is able to walk again. But without the required health insurance, they can’t send Zoe to a  costly specialized physiotherapy center, as per an article published by Mirror.

Tronet decided instead to hire a personal physiotherapist to treat Zoe in the comfort of their home; offering to fly that person out to the Caribbean, cover accommodation and food expenses, and even provide kite-surfing lessons and excursions to the local islands.

“This was the most stressful situation for us as we wanted the best treatment for her even if we had to put ourselves in debt. I will do everything necessary to make sure she can walk properly again,” Tronet said.

Since the job offer’s May 8 posting, the couple has received countless of applications around the world.

“We will go through everyone’s applications to make sure to get her the best of the best,” Tronet said. “I really wish we could bring every single person to Union Island and share this journey with everyone.”

To apply for this job, email [email protected] with your CV attached.