Mom of Pasay concert victim seeks justice for losing her favorite son

  • Mom of Pasay concert victim seeks justice for losing her favorite son
  • Five revelers lost consciousness during a Pasay City mall grounds concert; eventually died
  • Police are looking at drug overdose as the possible cause of the deaths

She did not only lose an 18-year-old son; apparently, she lost her favorite child.

The mother of Ken Migawa, one of the five people who died after attending the Closeup Forever Summer concert, is seeking justice for her son, according to an article written by Virgil Lopez of GMA News.

In an interview with GMA reporter Steve Dailisan, Gemma Migawa said she wondered how the dangerous drugs — which are linked to the death of her son and four others —  got into the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds unnoticed by security personnel.

Magagalit ka talaga kasi buhay ng anak mo (ang nawala)…. Ano ba ‘yung nangyaring ganun? Lahat ba ng umattend doon binentahan nila ng gano’n [You will really get mad because you lost your child. What happened there? Were all attendees offered with those drugs]?” she asked.

According to Migawa, what hurts the most is losing her youngest and favorite child.

Baby ko ‘yan eh. Youngest son ko siya. Masakit man sabihin sa mga kuya niya pero siya talaga ang pinakamahal kong anak [He’s my baby, my youngest son. It hurts to say this to his brothers but he’s really my most beloved child],” she said.

If she could turn back time, she said she wouldn’t have allowed her son to attend the event with his friends.

The Migawa family were vacationing in Japan when news about Ken’s untimely demise came.

Apparently, what was supposed to be a night of fun and entertainment was marked by tragedy which claimed the lives of five persons. Aside from Ken, the four fatalities were American Eric Anthony Miller, 33; Bianca Fontejon, 18; Ariel Leal; and businessman Lance Garcia. The five were among an estimated 14,000 revelers who attended the “Closeup Forever Summer” open-air concert headlined by Belgian DJ duo Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike.

According to investigating officer Giovanni Arcinue, the victims did not know each other and were all in different places at the time. “They just collapsed individually,” he added.

At present, police are looking at drug overdose as the possible cause of the deaths following reports that the drinks distributed at the event were laced with “Green Amore”; a lethal mix of ecstasy and shabu.

There were also reports that illegal drugs were peddled at the venue.

Meanwhile, Closeup said it is ready to provide assistance to the families of victims.


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  1. It just shows what kind of parent you are. What kind of mother has a favorite child? You only have yourself to blame for raising an irresponsible son. Karma does come in many forms. It wasn’t an accident how he died, he is of legal age and he chose to be with that crowd and lifestyle!

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