More Chewbacca mom fun: From visiting Lucasfilm to carpooling with J.J. Abrams, James Corden

  • Viral video star Candace Payne, known as ‘Chewbacca mom’, visited Lucasfilm HQ and was featured on ‘The Star Wars Show’ 
  • Payne also got to hang out with James Corden and J.J. Abrams in CBS’s The Late Late Show
  • Payne’s viral video on Facebook now has over 152M views

No one has had a crazier week than viral video star Candace Payne. The insanity continues as Payne, now known as ‘Chewbacca mom’, finds herself in new and exciting adventures since her rise to fame.

The Texas mom hit internet gold after her highly infectious laugh, while donning a Chewbacca mask she bought from Kohl’s, broke Facebook Live records which now has 152M views — making it the most watched Facebook Live video, as per an article published by Business Insider.

In addition to her already busy schedule of various guesting, Chewbacca mom was sent to visit  Lucasfilm in San Francisco and got to appear on ‘The Star Wars Show’; regularly posted on the official Star Wars Youtube channel. In the internet show, Payne talked about the crazy week she just had following her sudden rise to internet stardom and why she loves Star Wars.

She also posted a reaction video upon her arrival at the Lucasfilm HQ that you can watch here.

Payne’s adventure doesn’t stop there. She also found herself hanging out in talk show host James Corden’s car, with the surprise appearance of Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams.

In a The Late Late Show episode, the CBS show featured Payne driving Corden to work while they discuss, with Abrams’ help, how to perfect their Chewbacca impressions, as per an article published by Fortune.

Later in the episode, Corden reads out a letter to Payne from Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew inviting her to meet with the Star Wars actor.

Watch The Late Late Show clips featuring Chewbacca mom below: