IN PHOTOS: Paolo Ballesteros morphs into Daenerys Targaryen, Arya Stark

Image from Paolo Ballesteros Instagram account
  • Paolo Ballesteros morphed into 2 popular female characters from Game of Thrones
  • He transformed into Daenerys Targaryen and Arya Stark
  • He named his characters Daenerys Padilla and Barya Stark

HBOS’s “Game Of Thrones” is in the middle of its sixth season and the Philippine entertainment industry’s resident make-up transformation expert Paolo Ballesteros once again paid tribute to the award-winning show by transforming into two more of its prominent female characters – The Mother of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen (played by Emilia Clarke) and Arya Stark (played by Maisie Williams).

Image from Paolo Ballesteros Instagram account
Image from Paolo Ballesteros Instagram account

On his Instagram account, he shared his latest make-up transformation characters – Daenerys Padilla and Barya Stark.

As always, the artist in him did a good job in each of his make-up transformation characters and he was able to fully showcase his amazing talent to transform himself into popular female celebrities.

With the help of wigs, contact lenses, and extremely skillful contouring, it would seem like no make-up transformation is impossible for the TV host-actor.

Image from Paolo Ballesteros Instagram account
Image from Paolo Ballesteros Instagram account

He caught the attention of the international media in 2014 because of his creativity.

His latest make-up transformation of characters became instant hits to his followers and other social media users, who complimented him for nailing the looks and facial expressions of the two important women in Game of Thrones.

Earlier this May, Ballesteros morphed into Dowager Queen Cersei Lannister (played by Lena Headey), Queen Margaery Tyrell (played by Natalie Dormer) and Sansa Stark (played by Sophie Turner).

He introduced us to Cersei Canister, Margaery Barreto and Tansan Stark.

Ballesteros caught the attention of Lena Headey after a fan of the actress mentioned her on a tweet regarding Ballesteros’ Cersei Canister make-up transformation character.

Headey said in a tweet: “This is fantastic!”

“Game of Thrones” is an adaptation of “A Song of Ice and Fire”; George R. R. Martin’s series of fantasy novel. The sixth season of the series premiered on April 24, 2016, and it has been renewed for a seventh season to air in 2017.



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