PDEA warns: ‘Ecstasy is designed to attract’

  • The PDEA warned that the lethal party drug Ecstasy is designed to look as attractive as possible
  • The drug comes in different colorful shapes and designs to lure victims to buying it
  • Youth and partygoers are warned to take extra care and avoid such drugs at all cost

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) warns that some of the most dangerous drugs, such as Ecstasy pills, are designed to attract and lure its victims to trying it.

PDEA National Capital Region  (NCR) Director Erwin Ogario told GMA News that ecstasy pills come in all different colors and designs, including but not limited to the ones he has personally seen such as “purple, yellow, peace sign, rock and roll.”

Ogario added that the drug is designed to look as attractive as possible, as some sort of “marketing” strategy.

“Ecstasy is designed to attract… Magkakaiba ‘yung porma.[It comes in different forms.] Ecstasy is designed to be attractive. Marketing nila ‘yun. [It’s their marketing],” he explained.

Millennials, especially those aged 22 to 30 years old, appear to be the target group of peddlers of this particular drug.

Pinakabata na nakita naming nagbebenta is 22 years old. Ganoong age group din ‘yung bumibili. [The youngest we saw selling is 22 years old. That is also the age group of those who buy it],” he said.

Public concern about ecstasy and other so-called “party drugs” has grown after the tragic deaths of five people during the recent CloseUp Forever Summer concert in Pasay City last May 22. Initial reports from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) shows “highly unusual” damage to the organs of the victims.

Social media has since been abuzz about the alleged involvement of drug intake during the rave party.

One Facebook user posted a photo that has since gone viral; warning parents of the dangers and deception of those selling such drugs.

“Parents, these are how ecstasy pills look like. Warn your kids, educate them about the dangers and how to avoid deception,” wrote Facebook user Tricia Faustino, while adding the hashtag #justsayno.

PDEA Director Ogario lamented, however, that with the prevalence of social media, such warnings become a double-edged sword. Nonetheless, he emphasized that such drugs are lethal.

“Everything that comes out in the media, and social media, is a double-edged sword. It will raise awareness. Ang problema, naeengganyo ang mga iba. Ang Ecstasy, sometimes hindi nakakayanan ng katawan ang epekto. Nakamamatay ang Ecstasy. [The problem is, others become attracted to it. Ecstasy, sometimes, has effects that cannot be handled by the body. Ecstasy kills],” he said.

His advice to party revelers and youths who are most susceptible to such drugs is even simpler.

Ingat at iwas. ‘Yun lang naman ‘yun. [Care and avoidance. That’s it],” he said.