Psychic: ‘Duterte should be careful with health, safety, disgruntled friends’

  • A psychic said incoming president Rodrigo Duterte must be careful with his health and safety
  • She said Duterte must also be careful with “disgruntled friends” who may be against his policies
  • She also reminds the people that true change starts from within ourselves and not just with the elected officials

A psychic has opened up about possible challenges incoming president Rodrigo Duterte is about to face as he begins his term as the country’s chief executive.

According to psychic and radio host, Stargazer, Duterte must pay close attention to his health and his safety.

At 71 years old, Duterte will become the oldest person to assume the presidency when he takes his oath of office on June 30. He had also previously opened up about having Buerger’s disease and Barrett’s esophagus, which has forced him to stop smoking.

He had also skipped a number of engagements during the campaign period due to migraine attacks.

Stargazer said the incoming president must prepare for the demands of holding the highest position in the country.

“He has to be careful with his health, because we know he will be doing a tough job,” she told ABS-CBN News.

She also warned about possible threats to his safety, especially factions and groups that may oppose his policies of change.

“And it’s a fact that he has to be careful with his safety. Kasi hindi na natin alam anong factions ito eh. ‘Pag tayo, may sinusuheto, may nagagalit. Normal. So ako, nararamdaman ko na ‘yung enerhiya, ‘pag inayos niya ito, bato ng pagbabago, lagi naman eh. Meron namang mga grupo na kahit sinong umupo, wala nang tama sa kanila kasi may mga personal interests. [We do not know anymore which factions are these. When some gets chastised, there are those who get mad. Normal. So now, I can feel the energy, that if he fixes these, stone of change, it always happens. There are also groups that whoever is in power, there is nothing right for them because they have personal interests],” she explained.

The psychic also noted that Duterte also faces the challenges of having “disgruntled” friends who may not necessarily approve of the changes he wants to implement.

Ang friends, ‘yun ang question ko. Meron magiging disgruntled eh. Kasi nga, [The friends, that’s my question. There will be those who will be disgruntled] because of personal interests. I will be very frank about it,” she said.

Stargazer also warned of “chaos” in the next six years as a result of policies to be implemented by Duterte, and also because of the prevalence of so-called “turncoats” in both society and in government.

She emphasizes, however, that whatever change people want under the Duterte presidency, citizens must also participate in the process of change and to not just depend on leaders.

Ako nag-aappeal ngayon naman ako sa tao. Alam ko binoto ninyo karamihan nga ng nagkakaraoke na maingay na ‘yan, ‘Duterte! Duterte!’ ‘Yan ang sasabihin nila. Pero sana, sana sila ‘yung sumunod. Kasi ganito eh. Okay, binoto n’yo ‘yung isang tao for change. Tapos ito ka, hindi mo gagawin tapos babatikos ka na naman. Tigilan natin. ‘Yung sinasabi mo nga maturity, let it start from within. Sa atin. [I appeal now to the peple. I know that many of those who sing karaoke loudly, ‘Duterte! Duterte!’ That’s what they say. But I hope they are also the ones to follow. Because this is the case. Okay, you voted for one person for change. And then here you are, you cannot follow and then you criticize. Let’s stop that. The maturity you talk about, let it start from within. From us],” she said.