READ: ‘A message to President Duterte from a Catholic hypocrite’

  • After Duterte slammed the Catholic church of being the most hypocritical institution, one netizen shared his sentiments over the issue
  • Raul Roque, a parish secretary, said he is one of the ‘hypocrites’ who supported the incoming president during the national election
  • He reminds Duterte to be a president of the 100 million Filipinos – majority of which are Catholics
  • Roque assured Duterte of prayers and support

CALOOCAN CITY, Manila – In the heat of the controversy between presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte and the Catholic bishops, one online user expressed his sentiments after Duterte branded the catholic church as the most hypocritical institution.

In an article published by Philippines Now on May 23, the incoming president was quoted as saying, “You know the most hypocritical institution? The Catholic church.”

Duterte accused some of the Catholic bishops of corruption; allegedly asking personal favors from politicians — himself included.

Reacting to this, Raul Roque, a Parish Secretary at the San Roque Cathedral Parish, shared his thoughts via a lengthy post on Facebook.

Roque tagged himself as one of the ‘hypocrites’ who voted for Duterte.

“Dear President Duterte – Tatay Digong, I am a “hypocrite” and I supported you in the last elections!

Mr. President, I am 100% Roman Catholic and I am proud to be one! I am not perfect. I am also a persistent sinner who is struggling to find my way to holiness. As a Filipino father, like you I was fed up with a failed system of government led by oligarchs and people who are supposedly patriotic individuals. I am one of those genuine Filipinos who heard your call for change, and together we answered your call.”

He reminded the presumptive president that he, too, was born and raised a Catholic.

“Why antagonize us Catholics? Mr. President, you had devout Catholic parents. You had a Catholic education. And yes, you were made aware that the history of the church is indeed filled with many “hypocrites” – sinners – some of whom by the Munificent Grace of God became Saints! And now it is also by that same grace that you have been “anointed” to be our new leader.”

He also called on to Duterte to be a President who heals.

“Tatay Digong, please, be a President who heals. As a Christian leader, I hope you also realize, just like Mother Teresa, you were called not be successful, but rather, to be faithful! Faithful to your principles and ideals as a Filipino Christian leader. Called to be faithful to the Constitution. Called to be faithful to your fellow Filipinos – hypocrites and all!

“Tatay Digong, rest assured that we “hypocrite” Catholics are praying for you and will continue to support you in your quest to bring a meaningful change to our beloved nation! PAGPALAIN PO KAYO, TATAY DIGONG!”

Roque ended his post with a hope that President Duterte ‘will find ways to work/collaborate’ with the Catholic Church‘.

The post has gone viral with nearly 36K shares as of posting.

To read Raul Roque’s full post, please click here.



  1. it is not the Catholic religion that he against with but rather the leaders within the Catholic church esp. the bishops & clergies

  2. Why does this guy take up the cudgels for those hypocrites? I WAS catholic too, until we had a horrible experience with a clergy in Sampaloc, Manila decades ago. My family totally left that hypocritical church since then.

  3. Mr. Roque I too am Catholic will always be a catholic, I too voted for Duterte….but I DO NOT TAKE OFFENSE THAT HE HAS HIT THE BISHOPS & CALLED THEM HYPOCRITES. I APPLAUD IT! For the very simple reason that the Catholic Bishops or any of the clergy should stay out of Politics. Their main & only concern is our souls. They are Pastors… Pope Francis put it simply headlines.. ”
    Pope Francis To Italian Bishops: Act More Like Pastors And Stop Ordering People Around…
    VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis has told bishops to strongly
    denounce corruption and to act more like pastors than “pilots” telling
    the faithful what to do.
    Francis’ strong words were aimed at members of the Italian bishops’
    conference, who opened their annual meeting at the Vatican on Monday.
    Francis, who is also the bishop of Rome, urged his bishops to be more
    Christ-like in showing humility, compassion, mercy and wisdom.
    goes on to say….
    Francis asked the bishops to reinforce the “indispensable role” of ordinary folk in
    their dioceses. “In reality, lay people who have an authentic Christian
    formation shouldn’t need a bishop-pilot, or a monsignor-pilot, or
    clerical input to assume their responsibilities at every level, from
    political to social, economic to legislative,” he said.
    “Rather, what they all need is a Bishop Pastor!”
    Aside from being Pastors, they should spend time to clean up their ranks, the old adage DO NOT THROW STONES IF YOU LIVE IN A GLASS HOUSE!
    Finally there is nothing more disgusting to me than when I go to church , to honor my God,to commune with my God, the Priest on the pulpit sees he has a captive audience decides to give a soliloquy on the evils of the man running for president, or starts pontificating to me about politics & government or tell me who to vote for. So please spare me the hypocrisy!

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