TRAILER: ‘Bar Boys’ shows the challenges faced by Filipino law students

  • Bar Boys is a story about four friends in their journey to become lawyers
  • The movie stars Carlo Aquino, Rocco Nacino, Enzo Pineda, and Kean Cipriano
  • There is no official date for release yet

Most people often associate being a lawyer with the glitz, glamour, and power that comes along with the job.

What they often forget, however, is that behind every successful lawyer is the story of having to pass through so many hurdles: from getting into an actual law school, surviving the dreaded graded recitation with their professors, piles and piles of reading, graduating, and of course, the all-important bar exam.

All these and more await the audience who will be watching the movie Bar Boys which has released its official teaser trailer.

Bar Boys tells the story of “a group of friends who enter law school and get more than what they bargained for,” as its official YouTube trailer describes.

Directed by independent film director Kip Oebanda, the movie stars Carlo Aquino, Rocco Nacino, Enzo Pineda, and Kean Cipriano.

“Bar Boys is a movie about law students. It tells about the struggles of law students, and there are four boys, each of them represent somebody in the law student world. It also tells viewers how the outside world perceives lawyers and how lawyers feel about it,” explains one of the lead actors, Enzo Pineda.

In the teaser trailer, viewers get a glimpse of the fateful night they receive the law entrance examination results.

Guys, eto na ‘yun ah. Basta kahit anong mangyari, walang iwanan, tulu-tulungan tayo sa law school, hangga’t makatapos tayo ng bar. [Guys, this is it. No matter what happens, no one gets left behind, let’s help each other in law school until we finish the bar],” says Cipriano’s character.

The trailer shows various snippets of their journey to become lawyers: nights spent at the library, partying, fraternity life, and of course, the bar exams.

It ends, however, with a cliffhanger. Cipriano’s character ends up not being able to pass the entrance exam as his other friends.

Is this the end of his law school dreams? And how will his other friends fare out?

While there is still no word yet as to the official release date, viewers, especially lawyers and aspiring lawyers, should definitely not miss out on Bar Boys.

Watch the official trailer here from Kip Oebanda:


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