Two dead, six wounded in Houston shootout

  • A shootout occurred in Houston between a gunman and police officers last Sunday
  • The shootout left 2 people dead and 6 wounded including two police officers
  • Police are still investigating the motive behind the incident

A shootout in Houston left two persons dead and six wounded, including two police officers last Sunday. The terrifying episode caused a fire at a nearby gas station as well.

Authorities said police shot down a gunman on Sunday and during the exchange of bullets, a gas pump at the nearby gas station was hit; resulting in a fire that burned the station’s building.

Local reports said that witnesses saw a gunman approaching a man who pulled into an auto detail shop. Police spokesman John Cannon said the gunman opened fire using a pistol.

“It appears that it was a random, unprovoked attack,” Cannon said.

The victim of the incident was a 50-year-old male. He died from the gunshot wounds.

The gunman also fired at the first police officer who responded to the scene of the crime. The gunman shot at the police car several times and struck the windshield. Later on, Cannon said that a police helicopter also took at least five gun shots.

A shootout commenced after other police officers arrived at the scene. About an hour after, the gunman was shot dead by a member of a SWAT team.

A constable was shot in the hand and another was hit on his bulletproof chest vest. Three innocent victims were also wounded. A person, who is also considered a possible suspect, also suffered a gunshot wound. Cannon said the police interviewed him about what happened to help piece the story together and to verify if he was involved.

As of posting, the police still do not have a concrete idea to the motive behind the shooting.

“We are trying to piece all of this together. It’s still a very ongoing investigation.” Martha Montalvo, acting Houston Police Chief, said.