Video: Drunken man seen fighting with his reflection at the mirror

  • A drunken man is seen fighting with his own reflection at the mirror inside a supermarket
  • The man wants the ‘person’ out his way but he did not notice that it was his own image
  • The video clip went viral after it was uploaded on social media and online forums

They say your greatest enemy is your self — well, literally for this man who went viral after someone took a video of him while he was fighting his own reflection at the mirror.

In an article written by Ellie Ross of Mirror, it was disclosed that the video of the man, who bumped and argued with his image in a supermarket mirror, went viral after it was uploaded on social media and online forums.

The video clip showed the man, dressed in blue jeans, a grey hoodie and cap, approaching a “person” inside the supermarket in Lutsk, Ukraine; unable to recognize that it was his own reflection.

He then started to bump and shout at the “shopper” in front of him.

When the “person” keeps on getting into his way, he began to get mad at “him.”

“Hey, you may pass. I have told you, you may pass,” the drunken man shouted at his reflection.

But then the “person” just gets nearer to him.

“What? Are you kidding me? Come on, you may go!” he said as he clutches a box of eggs.

But the “person” did not get out of his way.

“F***! What are you? An idiot?” he shouted once more.

Other shoppers are heard giggling in the background.

The man, who was filming the scene, later on walked to him and explained the situation. He pulled the confused shopper away from the wall and explained: “Man, this is a mirror.”

You may watch the video of the epic incident here: