Watch: Mom drops 3 kids to US airmen below to save them from fire in Korea… and all survived

  • A family of four including three children were trapped in a raging fire in South Korea
  • US servicemen from a nearby base persuaded the mother to drop her kids out from the window
  • All three children including the mother survived the fire unscathed

It could be one of the most horrifying nightmares a mother could find herself into, but she nonetheless took the bravest step just to save her children.

The heart-stopping incident took place in South Korea after a family – consisting of a mother and her three kids – were trapped in a raging fire inside their apartment in a building in Pyeongtaek last Saturday, April 30.

With the building engulfed by fire and smoke, the family’s apartment window seemed to be the only means of escape. However, their unit was two floors above and jumping to ground below was a risk that could be fatal for any of them.

Luckily, American servicemen from the nearby US airbase in Osan responded to the emergency.

Holding a blanket hastily purchased from a local store, the US airmen persuaded the mother to drop her children one by one out from the window.

“You could tell she was scared. She didn’t want to,” First Sgt. Melanie Scott told CNN.

But the desperate 30-year-old mother wanted her kids to survive, and so she decided to toss the eldest, aged 4, first. The child safely fell into the waiting blanket.

Then the second child, aged 3, followed and was saved, too.

But it was during the turn of the youngest, aged 1, that the mother had cold feet. She just didn’t want to let her go for some reason.

U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Daniel Raimondo, the team leader, said he remembered begging the confused mother to “Please just throw the baby down!”.

“I remember her screaming (at) the baby, ‘I love you, I love you. …’ Next thing you know she dropped the baby,” Raimondo recalled.

After realizing all her three children were saved, the mother didn’t think twice about jumping. While she fell more heavily than her three children, a quick-thinking US servicemen had already placed a cushion underneath the blanket.

 “We carried her into a safe location into a salon. I just kept yelling and talking to her, ‘You’re alive! You’re alive!’ ” said Raimondo.

All three children escaped the fire unscathed, including the mother herself.

On Monday, the family, which originally came from Nigeria, met their heroes and got to thank them personally for saving their lives.

“It was an emotional experience. The good news is they made it through alive,” Raimondo said.

Watch the suspense-filled video of the incident below uploaded by BASTUMIXT on You Tube:


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