Woman who claims to be a half-sister of Prince says she is entitled to late singer’s estate

  • A woman has come forward claiming to be a half-sister of the late singer Prince
  • She also claims a share in the estate left behind by the music icon
  • Prince has only one full-sister and five living half-siblings, as known immediate relatives

A woman who claims to be a half-sister of the late singer Prince insists that she is entitled to a share in his estate.

Darcell Gresham Johnston filed documents with a court in Minnesota; naming herself as an “interested party and beneficiary” to the assets left behind by the singer, who is Prince Roger Nelson in real life.

As the late musician left no will and had no known surviving children, the administration of his estate was left to his sole surviving relative, full-sibling Tyka Nelson.

Tyka Nelson had earlier urged the court to allow Minnesota bank Bremer Trust as “special administrator” to manage Prince’s estate. She also named their five living half-siblings John Nelson, Norrine Nelson, Sharon Nelson, Alfred Jackson, and Omarr Baker, as legals heir to the late singer’s wealth.

It was expected that they would split the inheritance equally among the six of them.

Johnston, however, sued in court, asking a share in the estate, and claiming that she shared a mother with Prince.

However, some of the family members of the singer told celebrity news website TMZ that they only knew of Johnston’s existence just a few days prior to her court appearance.

It is also unclear whether she even maintained any sort of relationship with the music icon while he was still alive.

As special administrator, Bremer Trust will look into Johnston’s claims; however, the court will have the final say as to whether or not her claims are legitimate.

There are no exact numbers as to the extent of the wealth left behind by the music icon; known best for the classic Purple Rain.

Estimates have ranged as high as $300 million to $500 million.

Investigations are also still ongoing to determine the exact cause of the singer’s death.




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