VIRAL: Zion Gutierrez kisses Scarlet Snow Belo

Image capture of video by Sarah Lahbati via Instagram
  • Zion Guttierez kisses Scarlet Snow Kho
  • Zion is the son of Richard Guttierez and Sarah Lahbati while Scarlet is the daughter of doctors Vicky Belo and Hayden Kho
  • The endearing moment was caught on video and posted online at Sarah Lahbati’s Instagram page

The cutest thing just hit the internet these past few days with Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati’s boy caught in the act sharing an adorable kiss with Dr. Vicky Belo and Hayden Kho’s baby girl.

Sarah posted a video on her Instagram account of the cutesy acquaintance between the two good-looking toddlers. The young mother captioned the video, “Zion met the beautiful @scarletsnowbelo today  @cristallebelo @frankbriones @victoria_belo @richardgutz #ziontheyounglion.”

Gaining more than 18,300 likes, the Instagram post has surely captured the hearts of social media fans as it showed Zion kissing Scarlet Snow not once but four times. And Scarlet seemed to be pretty cool – or probably naïve – about it.

The baby couple instantly built a fan base on the comments thread at Sarah’s Instagram.

One @jonnatorres wrote: “Labteam [Loveteam] ! J”

While another one named @kookschavez  giggled online, “Cute nila!”

Dr. Vicky and long-time boyfriend, Hayden Kho, just recently introduced Scarlet Snow to the public.

Last May 16, the famous celebrity dermatologist started posting photos of the charming baby via Instagram.

“This is the sunshine of our lives . Meet our baby @scarletsnowbelo. It’s amazing how this little girl has affected @dochayden and my life in such a positive way,” she said in one post that has garnered more than 9,000 likes and 200 comments.

Scarlet’s father, Hayden, on the other hand, also posted an Instagram photo while carrying his baby daughter.

“I guess God knew fatherhood would change me completely and bring me closer to being the kind of man He always wanted me to be, so He sent me and Vicki an angel who is to be our lifelong inspiration. Ladies and gentlemen, meet our daughter, Scarlet Snow,” his heartfelt caption read.

Rappler said in a story that Scarlet was conceived through in-vitro fertilization and born out of a surrogate mother.


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