#1 Food App in PH Helps Users Decide Where to Eat

With the emergence of user­-generated information on apps such as Twitter, Waze, and Facebook, many people have been turning to their gadgets for convenient solutions to their everyday problems.

In the Philippines, some of these problems are worsened due to the inaccessibility to high internet speeds. This is where Booky aims to be the solution.

Scrambled Eggs Pte. Ltd. created the app in early 2014 to solve a personal food­-related problem: Co­-founder, Ben Wintle, and Filipino actress, Iza Calzado, could never quickly search for good dining options, despite often wanting to eat out. “We hope to continuously learn how we could improve the app to make everyone’s lives a little easier,” says Wintle.

Today, the Booky app is the most comprehensive and fastest loading search engine of menus and contact information of over 15,000 restaurants in Metro Manila; helping users make instant, well­-informed dining decisions through user­-backed data.

Following the success of US­ based restaurant reservation apps such as OpenTable and TableSavvy, Booky is the localized daily solution for the food­-loving Filipino. In its mission, the company has already generated support and investments from key individuals in the tech industry, including Skype’s Co­Founder, Mr. Toivo Annus.

Booky currently has over 35,000 monthly active users who enjoy the benefits of offline restaurant menu searches, VIP bookings, and discounts at top restaurants. Booky also has an integrated Waze navigation feature which gives real­time directions to the restaurant of their choice. Booky is not only for the common folk, as even top celebrities like Liz Uy, Rajo Laurel, and Isabelle Daza are among its most active users.

The Booky app is free to download on iOS and Android. It also has a food blog called ‘The Booky Report’ which regularly features the top 10 most popular restaurants in each city based on user favorites, plus more share­worthy food content that generates up to 1.5M monthly visits on their website.

Image capture from Booky PH website
Image capture from Booky PH website