2 victims in Pasay concert die of multiple organ failure caused by alcohol and ecstasy

  • Autopsy findings on 2 of the 5 fatalities of the Pasay City concert indicated multiple organ failure
  • The multiple organ failure was caused by a lethal mix of alcohol and MDMA found in the victims’ system 
  • Autopsy report also indicated previous illegal drug use on the 2 victims

The Philippine National Police (PNP) announced on Tuesday, June 7, that a dangerous mix of alcohol and drug overdose caused 2 of the 5 fatalities at the Closeup ‘Forever Summer’ concert held at SM Mall of Asia grounds on May 21.

The announcement was based on the histopathologic and toxicology results released by the PNP Crime Laboratory for 33-year-old Eric Anthony Miller and 18-year-old Ken Migawa, as per an article published by GMA News.

PNP found that Miyagawa and Miller had traces of alcohol and MDMA, a substance found in ecstasy, in their system which severely damaged their brains, hearts, lungs, and kidneys.

“Both Miyagawa and Miller died due to multiple organ failure mainly caused by the damage in brain and heart. Pathologists found their brain and lungs were swollen, heart was damaged and tissues in their kidney were damaged too,” Crime Laboratory director Chief Supt. Emmanuel Aranas said.

According to Aranas, drinking alcohol while under the influence of the drug lessened the victims’ chances of survival, as the fatal effect of the mixture “circulate in their bodies faster.”  The brain could not handle the effect of the drug combined with the effect of alcohol, which immediately caused the death of the victims.

“Based on the signs and symptoms, they had a chance of surviving but it was almost nil,” he said.

Aranas also said the 2 might have been previous drug users as both Miyagawa and Miller had defects in their heart muscles, as per an article published by Inquirer.

“Our pathologist’s findings show that Miyagawa had fibrosis or a scar in the heart, an earlier defect in the heart muscles, so it is likely that he had previously taken drugs but was able to tolerate it. Meanwhile, Miller had fat necrosis, so it is possible that the two previously had heart problems,” he said.