80 minors apprehended after violating curfew on minor ordinance in Pasay City

  • The authorities have been strictly implementing curfew on minors 
  • Pasay City police rounded up around 80 minors who violated the curfew ordinance
  • The city ordinance, implemented since 1993, charges penalties 
  • According to reports, the apprehended minors’ parents and guardians were infuriated; saying they were never informed and were not aware of the said city ordinance

PASAY CITY, Philippines – It looks like the authorities are serious about intensifying curfew for minors; at least in some cities which has long implemented the law.

Besides Davao City, which has a strict implementation of such ordinance (curfew on minors from 10pm to 5am), some areas in Metro Manila and in Quezon City rounded up 25 minors on May 17 for violation of the same law. Pasay City, on the other hand, apprehended about 80 minors for defying a curfew ordinance.

According to Journal Online, Pasay police took in minors found outside of their homes and still hanging out on the streets past 10 p.m. Chief of police Insp. Jacqueline Ta-a of Libertad precinct said that curfew hours for minors is between 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

The city ordinance, which has been implemented since 1993, charges penalties.

For first time offenders, police officers will take and record their information in the police blotter and will then be released to their parents. The second violation will require a community service and the third misdemeanor will call for a fine of Php 500.00

Meanwhile, some irate parents and guardians of the seized delinquents who stormed the precinct said they were not aware of such ordinance in the city.

The minors were handed over to their respective parents and guardians upon presentation of birth certificates and identification cards.

Aside from the curfew on minors, the authorities are also directed on arresting those who are drinking on the streets. Interestingly, many online users have lauded the efforts of the authorities and wish that the move will be a continuous thrust.