A million signatures call for another poll after Brexit

  • More than a million of Brits are calling for a second referendum after voting to leave EU
  • The petition will be heard by the House of Commons since it reached the threshold of more than 100,000 signatures
  • Google also says there was a spike in the search for ‘What is EU?’ after the Brexit polls

Over a million Brits call for another referendum after the “leave” vote dominated the Brexit polls.

Last Friday, June 24, 52% of the United Kingdom (UK) citizens voted to leave the European Union (EU).

But just a day after the polls, which had a very high voter turnout of 72%, a million signatures are now asking for a second referendum; hoping to overturn the earlier decision.

Started by William Oliver Healer, the petition says: “We the undersigned call upon HM Government to implement a rule that if the Remain or Leave vote is less than 60 per cent based a turnout less than 75 per cent there should be another referendum.”

The page for the petition are currently down due to the “exceptionally high volume of users” accessing it.

“[This is] significantly higher than on any previous occasion,” a House of commons spokesperson was quoted in a BBC story.

Although UK Prime Minister James Cameron clarified earlier that there will be no second referendum, the House of Commons will hear the appeal since it surpassed the 100,000 signature threshold.

However, The Independent said it is not clear “if such a rule, if created and inserted into the UK legislation, could be applied retrospectively.”

“Some were interpreting the petition to mean there was a pre-existing rule that could be applied to the result, although The Independent understands that no such provision exists in British or European legislation,” it said in its story.

Google earlier reported that there was a spike of searches about the EU after the Brits have voted to leave it. The Twitter account GoogleTrends revealed that the top questions on the EU were:

  • What does it mean to leave the EU?
  • What is the EU
  • Which countries are in the EU?
  • What will happen now we’ve left the EU?
  • How many countries are in the EU?