Abu Sayyaf demands P230-million ransom for 7 Indonesian captives

  • The Abu Sayyaf Group demanded P230 million in exchange for the safe release of 7 Indon sailors
  • The bandits has gotten in touch with the families of their captives
  • The hostages are now in the hands of Abu Sayyaf sub-leader Apo Mike

The Abu Sayyaf Group is reportedly demanding roughly P230-million ransom for the safe release of 7 Indonesian sailors abducted in Philippine waters on June 22.

Major Filemon Tan, the spokesman of the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ Western Mindanao Command, told ANC’s Dateline Philippines that the terror group has gotten in touch with the respective families of the seven Indon sailors.

“It was said that the abductors contacted the family, but as to the Armed Forces, we do not talk to these people, that’s why they do not give us the demand,” Major Tan said.

“It was said to be a ransom of 20-million ringgits for the seven people,” he added.

Major Tan said Abu Sayyaf men onboard two motorized boats intercepted the Indonesian tugboat TB Charles owned by PT Rusianto Bersaudara in Sulu Sea. The tugboat was on its way to Indonesia after delivering coal to Cagayan de Oro.

The tugboat’s captain was among the Indonesians who were held captive by the bandits. It was the captain who relayed to his wife in Indonesia the demands of their captors.

The abductors were identified by Major Tan as the Muktadil Brothers – Nickson, Brown, Badung and Dadis. The brothers turned their captives to the group of Abu Sayyaf sub-leader Majal Adja alias Apo Mike.

In the wake of the latest kidnapping, the Philippine, Malaysian and Indonesian governments are taking concrete steps in  enhancing defense cooperation in the Sulu Sea to put a stop to kidnapping and criminal activities in the area.