Adam Levine offers to pay Christina Grimmie’s funeral

  • ‘The Voice’s coach Adam Levine offered to pay for Christina Grimmie’s funeral expenses
  • Levine was Christina’s coach on the 6th season of ‘The Voice’ in 2014
  • Her manager, Brian Teefey, set up a GoFundMe page to help out with the family’s expenses as well

In the wake of Christina Grimmie’s untimely death, Adam Levine, Christina’s former coach on ‘The Voice’, reached out to her family offering to pay for funeral expenses.

Christina, who had come third on the 6th season of The Voice, was shot Saturday, June 11, during an autograph session after an Orlando concert.

On his Facebook account, Levine said: “Behati and I are absolutely devastated and heartbroken by Christina Grimmie’s tragic death. Our hearts go out to her family. Christina was a natural, a gifted talent that comes along so rarely. She was taken from us too soon. This is yet another senseless act of extreme violence. I am left stunned and confused how these things can conceivably continue to happen in our world.”

According to Marcus Grimmie, Christina’s brother, he “literally have no words” for the big gesture made by the Maroon 5 frontman.

“I found out this morning that Adam Levine personally called my mother and said he will pay for her funeral and her plane flight, and I was blown away,” he shared in a post.

Aside from Levine’s generosity, Christina’s manager Brian Teefey set up a GoFundMe page, which has now reached $150K in donations, to help Christina’s family in their time of need, as per an article by Billboard.

“I first heard from my sister’s manager, Brian Teefey, that he will be making a GoFundMe to help our family move out of our current house and to take care of the funeral, and I figured why not,” Marcus said.

“Please do not feel the need to donate anything at all. Please. Just leave a kind word, message or picture in the comments,” he added, overwhelmed by all the support the family is receiving.